6 Network Monitoring Best Practices that Every IT Team Should Focus On

The network monitoring teams can now tap into Internet-of-Things, software-level network, and cloud-based services to ensure maximum uptime and optimal network performance. However, adapting to these technologies would mean defining new practices for legacy architecture integration, reengineering the monitoring workflow, and evaluating the toolkit for enhancing comprehensive and layered network management.


How to ensure a seamless end-user experience: The ITOM Podcast [Episode 6]

The ITOM Podcast is back with an all new episode aimed to alleviate all your remote work woes in your IT environment. In the last episode, we discussed in detail about the need for compliance checks, major causes of compliance violations across industries, and the solution to help maintain network compliance. This week, we’ll dive into the end-user experience in this era of remote work.


We've grown up a little, got a bit smarter & we're looking sharp!

We’re well over a year old now, the team has doubled in size and things are going just swell here at Team_Cookdown. Since we launched, we’ve expanded our product range to include some awesome new solutions like Alert Sync and Discovery and added loads of new features to our existing SCOM toolkit; to bring you expertly crafted integrations solutions for two of the most established platforms in IT enterprise, SCOM and ServiceNow.


A Beautiful ITSM Union: ITIL and DevOps

Since the launch of ITIL 4, incorporating DevOps into service management strategy has been a hot topic. On the surface, both DevOps and ITIL are frameworks that can help facilitate successful operations surrounding IT services. But that doesn’t mean that IT pros need to choose one or the other. Like most great marriages, it’s how these two methodologies complement each other that makes them an ideal pair when it comes to ITSM.

Hiring and Managing IT Staff During a Global Crisis | Martha Heller - Heller Search Associates

Acquiring, retaining and optimizing IT talent has never been easy, but in 2020, there’s a whole new set of considerations for IT leaders and managers. Needs and priorities have shifted and that means new tactics for productivity, decision-making, and hiring. In this session, we will explore: Martha Heller, CEO of Heller Search Associates and an expert on IT leadership and workforce, leads this discussion.

Make the most of your ITSM platform for Knowledge Management in 3 easy steps

For many organizations, knowledge management is often considered a technology problem. This is why when they implement knowledge management, the execution is often rendered unsuccessful because the processes and the kind of articles that are created are too complicated for people to use. ITIL knowledge management is defined as the process of capturing, processing, storing, and sharing knowledge across the enterprise.

Leveraging behavior analytics and machine learning algorithms in your PAM strategy

Modern technologies like machine learning (ML) algorithms can introduce a forward-thinking outlook to privileged access management (PAM) and enable enterprises to predict emerging access risks in real time. ML-based anomaly detection systems can deeply analyze raw data collected around privileged activity, profile standard user behavior patterns, and then surveil future operations to detect any deviations from the norm, such as server logins after office hours.

Announcing the ServiceNow Service Graph Connector for LogicMonitor

We are pleased to announce another integration with one of our strategic partners, ServiceNow. Available today with the launch of ServiceNow’s Paris release, LogicMonitor supports the Service Graph Connector! LogicMonitor was selected by ServiceNow as a key player and one of the first monitoring platforms invited to this new, exclusive program.