A Day in the Life of IT is Anything but Ordinary: Industry Predictions for 2020 and Beyond

Did you happen to catch the important news unveiled in Ivanti’s January 7 press release? Ivanti enters the next decade with an augmented leadership team. Jim Schaper, Ivanti’s current Chairman of the Board, has been appointed Chief Executive Officer, and the company’s longtime CEO Steve Daly has retired but will continue to serve as a Board Member. You can learn more about the new Ivanti leadership team in one of our recent blog posts.


2020 ITxM Predictions: A Transfusion of Expert Insight

Quick question. What does ITxM mean to you? Well, a Google search leads immediately to scores of results pertaining to the essential, life-saving industry of transfusion medicine and the donation, storage, and distribution of blood products. But what does ITxM mean within the context of enterprise IT network environments? Well, it’s all about improving an organization’s capabilities within the areas of IT asset, IT service, and IT security management systematically.


IT Security: Thought Leaders' Predictions for 2020

Chris Goettl is many things to many people. Family man. Homebrewer. PC gamer. Hockey player. And IT security guru and thought leader. As Director of Product Management, Security, at Ivanti, Chris is a highly sought-after expert for his insights into how organizations can strengthen their enterprise IT security in an increasingly demanding environment. Chris hosts a monthly webinar focusing on Patch Tuesday and security vulnerabilities, and frequently blogs about security topics.


What is ITSM? Align IT with Your Business Needs

In this age, businesses that provide the best service survive, and when technology becomes the only means to deliver the best service then IT service management is not a question of why but a must. ITSM enables organizations to build a business around better IT support structures, so they can create the best product or service experience. In this blog, we will talk about some of the fundamental questions around ITSM.


Translate CSM Trends to Business Value

Six key trends are transforming customer service—Here’s how to translate them into real business value Today, digital transformation across the enterprise is impacting customer service. The most successful companies are evolving customer service from single-channel or non-integrated multichannel into a dynamic platform for customer experience.


The new customer-centric customer service model

The new customer-centric customer service model—it’s all about resolving customer issues not efficiency and savings Are your customer service strategies shifting to align with enterprise digital transformation efforts across the business? If you’re still measuring customer service success based on how efficient and cheap it is to meet the needs of your customers, the answer likely is no.