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Why process mining is a game changer for process optimization

In a rapidly changing economic environment, business growth comes with challenges. As organizations grow, some processes become complex and unwieldy, which makes it hard to be agile. Siloed processes create inefficiency and risk. Optimizing processes through purposeful automation can improve employee productivity, boost efficiency, and accelerate time to value—as well as enable a company to change direction rapidly.


ClickUp Alternatives (5 Options)

What are the best ClickUp alternatives? There is no shortage of project management software solutions available on the market today. If you are looking for ClickUp alternatives, you should consider project management platforms with the following features: ‍ ‍ It’s tough to find a solution that ticks all of these boxes. However, you’re in luck. This guide will explore the best alternatives to ClickUp on the market.


Modern organizations need an intelligent digital platform

In the face of macroeconomic challenges, the tech strategy has in many cases become synonymous with the business strategy. Organizations need to do more with less, transform their business models to grow revenue, and gain a competitive advantage to weather this storm. Ultimately, those that can find ways to accelerate the business impact of their technology investments will be best positioned for long-term resilience.


The Ultimate Guide to Digital Workplace Observability

The digital workplace has evolved dramatically over the past decade, both in terms of the increased reliance on technology for daily operations and the complexity of that technology. In order to manage an improve the digital workplace, service desk teams need more than just a comprehensive view of their IT environments — they need to be able to analyze that data in real-time to make faster, more continuously effective decisions. Enter: digital workplace observability.


Automating IT Operations with ITAM

IT professionals, because of the massive shift to Everywhere Work, have been tasked with blazing the trail for a fast-tracked automation and AI process at their organization – as well as a move to the cloud. With constantly expanding IT environments, automation has moved from a luxury to a priority for IT professionals. But for your automation processes to be successful you need to consider investing in IT asset management (ITAM). Why?

In the World of Privacy, Nothing is Free - Including Social Apps | Security Insights Podcast: Ep3

Ivanti finds, heals, and protects every device, everywhere – automatically. Whether your team is down the hall or spread around the globe, Ivanti makes it easy and secure for them to do what they do best. Ivanti is IT for the way we work now. Integrated solutions for everything IT touches. So, employees can work better, anywhere, and everywhere.

Asset Management Software For MSP

Managing IT assets can be a difficult task for any Managed Service Provider (MSP). The sheer number of IT assets across multiple customers can quickly become overwhelming. Fortunately, there are asset management software solutions available to help MSPs efficiently track and manage IT assets. This article will explore the various features of asset management software solutions designed specifically for MSPs and how they can streamline the IT asset management process.


Why DEX and ITSM are like two peas in a pod

In this digital-everything age, companies must focus on providing a seamless digital employee experience (DEX) to keep their employees engaged and motivated. But first, how many times has it occurred to you recently that DEX is an essential part of IT service management (ITSM)? The fact is that many tend to neglect digital tools used by employees post-deployment. As far as they are concerned, these users have all the tools to succeed in today’s digital world.


Welcome to the Now Platform Utah release!

We’re at a unique moment in business history. Organizations face mounting pressure to streamline their processes and improve productivity and performance, often with tighter budgets and fewer resources. Business leaders must drive uninterrupted innovation and enable their teams to do great work—despite economic uncertainty. My team and I are passionate about developing innovative solutions to customers’ pressing needs.

Now Platform Utah Release

Utah is built to help organizations future-proof their businesses and drive outcomes faster in the face of continued economic uncertainty. The latest version of the intelligent, end-to-end platform for digital transformation includes AI-powered process mining with robotic process automation (RPA) capabilities, additional search enhancements, expanded Workforce Optimization, and Health and Safety Incident Management, all designed to help increase automation, simplify experiences, and offer greater organizational agility.