[Webinar]Release Management in ServiceDesk Plus Cloud.

Software releases, whether simple or complex, often entail common challenges like lack of communication between different teams, scheduling conflicts, and absence of central control. Failing to adequately address these challenges may result in underdeveloped or failed releases. This can cause an increase in outages leading to costly downtime that could have otherwise been prevented.

Now Platform Enables Organizations to Scale DevOps to the Enterprise

New enterprise DevOps solution will let ServiceNow customers develop better software faster, shipping to production in minutes vs. days, weeks or months DevOps is here to stay. And for good reason. In today’s hyperconnected world, if you’re not fast, your competitors will be. Every industry is being disrupted by software, and every company is trying to figure out how to navigate and embrace new technologies as they scale.


ServiceNow to acquire Fairchild Resiliency Systems to help companies better manage risk at scale

Companies can leverage the Now Platform to plan so work can still happen during service outages Organizations are betting on digital initiatives to drive competitive advantage, and it is difficult to generate value if they don’t take risks. Risk comes in many forms - from hurricanes and hacks – and poorly managed risks can have serious consequences for a company: at stake are an organization’s reputation, profit margins, and customer satisfaction and retention.


Customer service from A to Z: A ServiceNow glossary for success

Expectations for customer service are changing fast—and so is the language around customer service. A growing list of acronyms and jargon has sprung up due to new technologies and the dynamic nature of customer service software. Keeping track of the new terminology can be tough. And when stakeholders don’t speak the same language, confusion and frustration follows.


What is ITSM? The Beginner's Guide to IT Service Management

Modern business, no matter the type of company, runs through technology. IT infrastructure and applications are being used to drive internal productivity as well as provide valuable services to customers. SaaS-based companies are required to maintain consistent uptime for end-users as their products are directly tied to their success. Efficient development, release and incident management processes are as important to B2B software companies as supply chain logistics are to B2C consumer products.


Proactive customer service - How to anticipate and solve issues

Think about the people in your life that can tell what you are thinking without you saying a word, or know what you are going to do, even before you do. Those are the people that ‘get’ you. They are the ones you can rely on and turn to, time and time again. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have connections like that with a company?


Centralize your Security Response with ServiceNow Security Operations and Microsoft Azure Sentinel

Security teams today are inundated with alerts and information from a growing number of siloed point solutions. Furthermore, manual processes and cross-team handoffs hinder the security team’s ability to efficiently respond to attacks.


How Gen Zs will define the future of work

We’re Gen Zs and we’ve heard you. You think we're narcissistic, entitled, self-absorbed, and overly confident. While every generation may have been labeled as such by other generations, we say we’re entrepreneurial, technologically native, and still crave face-to-face interactions. And just like the generations before us, we are approaching life with our own, unique values. We can’t be summed up in a few adjectives and put in a box.


Implementing ITSM quickly - 3 women who made "Why, yes" their motto...

Five years ago, Maureen Robson, Anna Bisset, and Lisa Jones were thrown together on an important project at a UK-based bank. Their goal: to implement ServiceNow ITSM platform as quickly as possible. The trio worked together so successfully (completing what would normally be a two-year-project in just 10 months) that they continued their journey together at a further two companies working with ServiceNow, and have now decided to start their own company.