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VMware Named an Outperformer in 2023 GigaOm Radar Report for GitOps

VMware is pleased to reveal that we have been named an Outperformer in the 2023 GigaOm Radar Report for GitOps. In the outperformer ring and moving closer to a leadership position, VMware has been placed in the Platform Play and Innovation quadrant. The GigaOm Radar for GitOps shows VMware as an outperformer.


What Is GitOps and Will It Eliminate Incident Management?

Incident management is a critical aspect of IT service management (ITSM) that revolves around restoring normal service operations as swiftly as possible after an unplanned interruption or reduction in quality. Also referred to as “incidents,” these interruptions could range from a minor issue like a single user being unable to access a service to a significant problem such as a server crash or network outage affecting many users.


Manage Kubernetes environments with GitOps and dynamic config

Most modern infrastructure architectures are complex to deploy, involving many parts. Despite the benefits of automation, many teams still chose to configure their architecture manually, carried out by a deployment expert or, in some cases, teams of deployment engineers. Manual configurations open up the door for human error. While DevOps is very useful in developing and deploying software, using Git combined with CI/CD is useful beyond the world of software engineering.

Git a Handle on it! A Scalable Approach to GitOps Configuration Patterns - Civo Navigate NA 2023

Discover the world of GitOps with this presentation from John Dietz where he dives into scalable configuration management patterns. The talk emphasizes the challenges faced by developers and administrators while adopting GitOps practices and outlines various scalable strategies and best practices to address these. It presents a variety of patterns, tools, and tactics to manage configuration as code, contributing to improved system stability, team collaboration, and delivery speed.

GitOps the Planet #16: Using SLOs to Improve Software Delivery

Kit Merker is the one of the original product managers for Kubernetes and now Chief Growth Officer at Nobl9 where they're delivering a new open standard called OpenSlo. SLOs, or service-level-objectives, provide a framework for understanding performance targets and making judgements about software changes and how they impact uptime. But it's not just a standard, it's also code. Come find out about it with Kit in this GitOps the Planet!

ClickOps over GitOps - Civo Navigate NA 2023

In this presentation, Laszlo Fogas, the founder of Gimlet.io, introduces "ClickOps over GitOps." Discover how ClickOps revolutionizes cloud operations, enabling infrastructure as code changes with dashboard actions. Learn about the benefits of this approach, its role in platform engineering, and see practical use cases with live demos. Streamline your DevOps processes and avoid configuration drift by exploring ClickOps in this Navigate NA 2023 talk.

GitOps the Planet #15: AI Comes to Kubernetes with Alex Jones

The first real application for AI and LLMs has come to Kubernetes in the form of K8sGPT, a cli that can be used to help operators understand exactly what's going on with their clusters. Our guest, Alex Jones, is the creator of K8sGPT and we'll talk about how the project started, where it's seeing the biggest uses, and where AI will impact DevOps in the future. Don't miss this revolutionary GitOps the Planet!