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Secure Credentials for GitOps Deployments Using the External Secrets Operator and AWS Secrets Manager

The security and storage of secrets is one of the most controversial subjects when it comes to GitOps deployments. Some teams want to go “by the book” and use Git as the storage medium (in an encrypted form of course) while others accept the fact that secrets must be handled in a different way (outside of GitOps). There is no right or wrong answer here and depending on the organization requirements, either solution might be a great fit.

Securing Credentials for GitOps Deployments with AWS Secrets Manager and Codefresh

GitOps is a set of best practices that build upon the foundation of Infrastructure As Code (IAC) and expand the approach of using Git as the source of truth for Kubernetes configuration. These best practices are the driving force behind new Kubernetes deployment tools such as Argo CD and Flux as well as the Codefresh enterprise deployment platform. Adopting GitOps in a Kubernetes environment is not a straightforward task when it comes to secret management.

2024 Is the Year of Software Delivery Reinvented

Since Codefresh launched our GitOps platform and Enterprise version of Argo CD and Argo Rollouts in November 2020, and extended that platform with Argo Workflows in March 2022 we’ve added numerous features, improved installation, management of GitOps instances, improved security, scalability, and so much more. Now, we’re helping our users scale software delivery across environments.

New CNCF Survey Highlights GitOps Adoption Trends - 91% of Respondents Are Already Onboard

Amid all the activity and excitement at KubeCon and ArgoCon 2023 – including some exciting news of our own – the CNCF released the results of a new micro survey assessing trends in GitOps adoption. There’s a lot of great data tucked inside, and worth the read to find out what peers across the industry are saying about GitOps usage in their organizations.

Future of GitOps by Kubefirst's John Dietz at KubeCon NA 23 - Civo TV

Join John Dietz of KubeFirst at KubeCon NA 23, as he delves into the future of GitOps. Discover how Kubernetes is evolving beyond just running applications to managing infrastructure. Learn about the latest advancements in cluster management with KubeFirst's release 2.3, integrating Crossplane and Terraform, and how these innovations can benefit your organization.

Goodbye, GitOps: Getting to green in an AI-powered world

The cognitive bias known as the streetlight effect describes our desire as humans to look for clues where it’s easiest to search, regardless of whether that’s where the answers are. For decades in the software industry, we’ve focused on testing our applications under the reassuring streetlight of GitOps. It made sense in theory: wait for changes to the codebase made by engineers, then trigger a re-test of your code. If your tests pass, you’re good to go.

Introducing the World's First Dashboard for GitOps Environments

Defining multiple environments in Argo CD and promoting an application between them is one of most popular questions for companies that adopt GitOps for their applications. While we have offered several guidelines in the past for organizing your GitOps environments, today we are taking it further by announcing a complete product that helps you visualize the full lifecycle of an application as it moves through different stages. Meet the new Codefresh GitOps Environment Dashboard!