Jan 30, 2019
Munich, Germany

We check your websites and SSL certificates and will notify you when websites are down or certificates become invalid.

With PingPing you get these great features:

  • 30 Second Interval Frequency: Unlike other monitoring platforms that check every 5 minutes, your website can be checked every 30 seconds, depending on your plan. Know within seconds when there's a problem so you can take immediate action.
  • As Many Monitors As You Like: PingPing encourages you to check as many monitors as you like based on your plan, as often as you like. There's now no longer a need to question which monitors are worth checking.
  • Multi Location Support: You can choose from multiple check locations worldwide that best match your servers. We confirm any downtime by at least two servers.
  • Always Within Reach: With a variety of notification channels, you are always aware of what is happening with your sites so you can fix any issues sooner. We provide notifications like: Email, Slack, Discord, Webhook. Don't miss a problem any more.
  • Public Status Pages: Public Status Pages are awesome! All related monitor data on one simple page. Share your monitor data with the world!

Website and SSL Monitoring - Simple.