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The Impact of On-Call on Mental Health

Lately, I have been thinking about the mental health effects that stem from working in the cybersecurity industry. And in my research, I came across an Afternoon Cyber Tea podcast that sparked my interest. During their talk, host Ann Johnson and Dr. Ryan Louie, MD, PhD, dissect parallels between those who work in cybersecurity and those who work in healthcare, and uncover how these types of jobs affect mental health.

Reduce alert storms in your microservices architecture with easily scalable techniques

Alert storms occur when your monitoring platform generates excessive alerts simultaneously or in succession. Although numerous factors can cause an alert storm, microservices architectures are uniquely susceptible to them due to multiple service dependencies, potential failure points, and upstream and downstream service relationships.

On-Call Life: Setting Expectations

Imagine this: You’ve just been offered a new job in tech. Maybe it’s your first job right out of college, and you’ve only heard of being on-call in passing conversations up until this point. Or, perhaps you’ve been in tech your whole life but never had to be on-call until today. Or, maybe you’re contemplating whether on-call is for you because your company is dangling some extra cash (because, who doesn’t like extra money!).

Unlocking the Power of OpenSearch Alerting

OpenSearch Alerting enables you to manage and respond to critical events and anomalies quickly in your OpenSearch environment, making it crucial for maintaining the health and performance of your system. With OpenSearch alerting you can enhance security by monitoring for suspicious activities or security breaches in real-time. This helps improve the security posture of your organization's data infrastructure.

Live Call Routing/ Dedicated Lines (Powered by OnPage)

Are you tired of missing critical alerts and important calls during your on-call shifts? Are you looking for a way to facilitate communication between your customers and your on-call team by utilizing an IVR system that can elevate critical calls, and escalate it based on on-call schedules and routing rules? Discover how OnPage's innovative Live Call Routing technology can transform your on-call experience!
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All-in-One Incident Management: Why Squadcast Trumps Separate On-Call and Alerting Tools

The pressure is on. Incidents happen, and resolving them quickly and efficiently is crucial for meeting your SLAs. But relying on a patchwork of tools for alerting, collaboration, and post-incident analysis can create confusion, delays, and frustration. They can work or may have been working perfect in your company but here are a few factors to consider: The list of questions can go on differing from organization to organization. These are just a few factors that can help you evaluate whether your current tools are truly effective for Incident Response, or if it's time to switch to a unified solution like Squadcast.

How to Improve Your Service Reliability with ilert Status Pages

According to the Uptime Institute, during the last year, the number of IT incidents slowly declined while the average cost of every incident grew. As dependency on digital services increases, the cost for ⅔ of all outages exceeds $100,000. Stakes are rising, and more and more companies are investing in proactive incident management.

Grafana 11.1 release: new visualization features, Grafana Alerting updates, and more

The Grafana 11.1 minor release comes on the heels of unveiling Grafana 11 at GrafanaCON, but it packs in some ease of use visualization improvements, updates to Grafana Alerting (I spy a new settings page), and some impactful changes to the overall accessibility of Grafana.