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  |  By Aswin V P Ram
The increasing importance of network reliability in today’s enterprises is undeniable. At a time when almost every aspect of business and personal life is interconnected through digital networks, the demand for uninterrupted network services is at an all-time high. The expansion of remote work, the surge in e-commerce, the reliance on cloud-based services, and the proliferation of IoT (Internet of Things) devices have all contributed to this trend.
  |  By Sachin Kumar
Network monitoring is the process of continuously scrutinizing a computer network for failures or deficiencies to ensure availability and performance. AIOps (Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations) is an umbrella term for the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies into network operations. It involves using machine learning, analytics, and big data to automate and enhance IT operations.
  |  By Satish Kumar
In IT, the introduction of Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps) has been nothing short of revolutionary. As networks become increasingly complex and data-driven, traditional network management methods are proving inadequate. AIOps has emerged as a critical tool in the arsenal of network managers, offering innovative solutions to manage and optimize networks in real-time.
  |  By Vinutha
The digital shift has particularly influenced the world of network management, where traditional monitoring is gradually giving way to AI operations (AIOps) solutions. It illustrates a clear shift towards automated and predictive IT operations management. While traditional systems have their place, particularly in smaller or less complex environments, AIOps represents the future of network monitoring, offering the ability to anticipate and prevent issues.
  |  By Deepak Gupta
Is it possible to transform IT management and elevate operations by integrating IMACD with Infraon Infinity? Does IMACD integration offer the transformative solution needed to adapt, streamline operations, and optimize IT management? This blog will give you insights into the significance and potential impact of merging IMACD with Infraon Infinity, exploring a new era of IT management excellence.
  |  By Ganesh N Kumar
The right KPIs are critical for optimizing IT management lifecycles. With the right set of metrics, organizations can objectively measure their IT function’s performance and identify areas for improvement. These service and operational KPIs often act as a compass, guiding IT teams to help drive operational excellence and achieve strategic alignment with organizational goals.
  |  By Sanjiv Vaigankar
The IT department designs, implements, and maintains the technology backbone of any enterprise’s operations. Their decisions about systems architecture, software deployment, and security directly influence the daily tools and platforms the customer success team uses.
  |  By Harshvardhan Thakur
Providing exceptional customer support has become a key differentiator for businesses. Customers expect quick and personalized solutions to their queries and issues. To meet these expectations, organizations are turning to Artificial Intelligence (AI) for customer support solutions. AI technologies, such as Generative AI, have revolutionized the way companies interact with their customers, streamlining support processes, and delivering superior customer experiences. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the significance of AI for customer support, its various use cases, how to implement it, the role of Generative AI, and the barriers to overcome for its successful adoption.
  |  By Samaresh Mandal
As IT infrastructures become more complex, the responsibilities of IT managers expand exponentially. Their role is akin to a tightrope walker, balancing the need for innovation with the imperative of security. From spotting system vulnerabilities to preparing for unexpected setbacks, the IT manager’s world is one of vigilance and foresight. Zero-trust is an approach to cybersecurity that assumes no trust, even within an organization’s network.
  |  By Suraj Niyogi
Are you still relying on spreadsheets and a pen-and-paper approach to track your company’s assets? Although using manual procedures to keep track of your equipment makes sense, these asset management methods are outdated and error-prone. In fact, 46% of organizations say that human error is their biggest challenge when it comes to effectively reporting on assets.
  |  By Infraon
Whether you're an IT professional seeking greater efficiency or a business leader looking to optimize your IT processes, this video is designed to provide valuable insights. Integrated ITSM workflows serve as the backbone of modern IT management, designed to enhance efficiency, minimize errors, and elevate overall service delivery. Join us as we delve into key insights from the blog, diving into the ways these workflows can empower your organization and keep you at the forefront of IT service management.
  |  By Infraon
Ready to level up your tech game? Dive into our comprehensive video guide on IT Service Management (ITSM) implementation. Explore the world of efficient tech management, uncovering ITSM's significance, benefits, and best practices. Learn how automation within ITSM transforms your operations, predicting issues, ensuring reliability, and accelerating your business growth. Navigate potential challenges with confidence and empower your organization to achieve seamless ITSM implementation. Tune in to unlock the secrets of successful ITSM adoption and lead your tech landscape to new heights!
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Whether it's mergers, relocations, or technological upgrades, organizations face challenges. That's where IMACD comes in - Install, Move, Add, Change, Disposal. It's a structured framework that ensures smooth transitions, minimizing disruptions. In this video, we'll break down the IMACD process, step by step. You'll gain a deep understanding of how each phase contributes to a seamless transition. From setting up new systems to retiring outdated ones, IMACD is your roadmap for navigating change in the business world.
  |  By Infraon
Welcome to our latest video! If you're a network admin striving for flawless data flow within your systems, you've come to the right place. In this video, we delve deep into the world of Link Monitoring and its incredible potential to revolutionize your network's performance.
  |  By Infraon
Are you curious about what it takes to be an ITSM consultant, or are you an organization considering their expertise? This video is your guide to understanding their core responsibilities and the significant impact they make on optimizing ITSM practices. We'll explore how these professionals drive efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and innovation in IT operations, all while adapting to the dynamic demands of the tech landscape.
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Are you prepared for the future of collaboration? Look no further! Our latest video is your ultimate guide to "Everything You Should Know About Collaborative Work Management In 2023. In a world where seamless teamwork is a game-changer, this guide is your key to staying ahead. From the latest tools that streamline collaboration to strategies that foster communication and boost productivity, we've got you covered.
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Unlock the secrets of effective SaaS License Management in our latest blog post! In this comprehensive video, we dive deep into the world of Software as a Service (SaaS) licensing, helping you streamline your operations and optimize costs. Learn about understanding SaaS licenses, the benefits of efficient license management, common challenges and best practices.
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Managing assets efficiently is essential for smooth operations. Introducing the Configuration Management Database (CMDB) – your ultimate asset management solution! CMDB goes beyond being just a database; it's a strategic tool that helps you track and manage everything from hardware and software to networks and more. No more guessing games when an issue arises – CMDB helps IT teams quickly pinpoint problems and get things back on track.
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Say goodbye to long response times and hello to personalized, efficient support available 24/7! Join us as we delve into the cutting-edge technology of AI-powered helpdesks, where artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing come together to optimize customer support. With data-driven insights and personalized interactions, businesses can elevate customer experiences and build lasting loyalty.
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Are you ready to delve into the captivating world of helpdesks? Join us as we'll take you on a step-by-step exploration of helpdesks. Learn about their pivotal role in troubleshooting, their exceptional ability to predict and prevent issues, and how they pave the way for quick solutions and delighted customers.

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  • Infraon ITIM: Visualize interface bandwidth/utilization, disks, fans & other hardware health.
  • Infraon Helpdesk: Manage web tickets, emails & SMS with out-of-the-box reporting and analytics.
  • Infraon ITSM: Ensure seamless incident management with a ‘workflow automator’.
  • Infraon SecuRA: Ensure total security with a Zero Trust remote access & privilege platform.

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