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Madrid, Spain
Jul 18, 2019   |  By Alberto Dominguez
Our databases are the ones that keep the Internet alive. There has even been talk for some years about the development of operating systems with which users do not have direct contact with the files, but their personal files are stored in a local DB. In fact, we already see how there are online services that do this for us, such as Google Drive or Nextcloud, the latter written under free license Affero.
Jul 10, 2019   |  By Alberto Dominguez
TCP congestion control is a fundamental part of this protocol and over the years has undergone a process of constant improvement through the generation of different versions, such as TCP Tahoe, Reno, Vegas, and so on. The case of the TCP CUBIC version, which has been the default congestion control applied by Linux/Unix systems.
Jul 2, 2019   |  By Alberto Dominguez
How many server types are out there? The answer to this question, like so many others, is: “It depends”. Since there can be as many types of server as a company needs, and companies have more IT needs every day, so… If we go to the definition of server we find that this is a computer that provides service to other computers that are part of a network.
Jun 28, 2019   |  By Pandora FMS Team
In Pandora FMS release 736 we have been working on visual improvements of the interface, optimizing the view of events and services.
Jun 20, 2019   |  By Alberto Dominguez
In the 20th century we were programmers. In the 21st century, developers. With the massification of telecommunications worldwide, operators began to help us in our work. That’s where the term DevOps (“developers” and “operations”) arose, which implies the concept of collaboration of both teams. But since change is the only constant, other practical considerations have forced us to see the entire forest instead of just a few trees.
Jun 5, 2019   |  By Pandora FMS
Pandora FMS is not a puzzle of different superficially integrated solutions, we cover from hardware to user applications. Our software offers the possibility of planning your capacity and checking that your investment in hardware meets your expectations, thanks to our Top-N reports, various types of SLAs and trend reports.
Jun 3, 2019   |  By Pandora FMS
Pandora FMS Enterprise is a monitoring software for companies that allows you to monitor from 100 devices to several tens of thousands, unifying all your systems, networks and applications in a single tool.
Oct 23, 2018   |  By Pandora FMS
Discover how to set up a Raspberry kiosk mode with Pandora FMS.
Oct 11, 2018   |  By Pandora FMS
How to migrate Cacti to Pandora FMS. Learn how to monitor much faster, simpler and with a more intuitive interface.
Oct 5, 2018   |  By Pandora FMS
Operation of a high availability database cluster with Pandora FMS.