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Improving Web Performance in China - with Chinafy and Catchpoint WebPageTest

This is a guest blog written by the Chinafy Team. Most people in the website space would have heard of the term Great Firewall of China. What those people won’t really know, though, is what that means. For context, most websites don’t work the same way in China that they do elsewhere. Due to the way the China internet is designed, most websites take a long time to load and fail to function properly.

Enhancing Internet Performance Monitoring (IPM) with WebPageTest in Catchpoint

WebPageTest has long been the trusted choice for performance experts and top online retailers worldwide to enhance website speed, SEO rankings, user experience, and conversion rates. It provides in-depth diagnostic information on a page's performance, offering actionable insights to measure performance across all major browsers, device types, and network conditions.

Catchpoint Launches Free Live Internet Outage Map to Deliver Real-Time Global Internet Health Insights for All

Catchpoint announces the launch of a powerful, free live Global Internet Outage Map. The AI-powered dashboard provides a real-time snapshot of the health of hundreds of global internet services that power our everyday lives.

Introducing Catchpoint's Live Internet Outages Map

We’re delighted to introduce a new, free tool for everyone: Catchpoint’s Live Internet Outage Map. The Live Internet Outage Map is a limited, free version of Catchpoint’s Internet Sonar capability publicly available to everyone, not just Catchpoint users. It shows outages from the last 24 hours and provides a sample of the thousands of services monitored in the full version of Internet Sonar.

How to optimize for Google's new Core Web Vital INP

Effective March 12, 2024, Google replaced the First Input Delay (FID) metric with Interaction to Next Paint (INP) as a part of its Core Web Vitals. This change marks a significant shift in how web interactivity is measured, reflecting a more comprehensive view of user experience. This blog explores INP, strategies for optimization, and asks if FID is still a valuable metric.

Measuring Real World Performance of DNS Solutions

Your customers are not willing to wait more than a second or two for your website and apps to load. Slow-loading apps and sites may seem like a minor inconvenience to them, but they’re a serious threat to your business. Numerous studies have shown that customers will abandon your site and take their business elsewhere if you make them wait. Many businesses are unaware of the critical role of the Domain Name System (DNS) in the performance of websites and business apps.

A deep dive into global DNS connection performance with IBM & Catchpoint

Imagine: Your executive team spent the last year developing messaging. Your design team worked for weeks on a compelling awareness campaign. Then, your marketing team deployed the perfect lead generation campaign. Your new customer, ready to make a purchase, eagerly clicks on your website link... only to be met with a frustratingly slow loading page.

Key findings from The Internet Resilience Report 2024

Ensuring Internet Resilience in today’s digital economy has become not just an IT goal, but a business imperative. Companies are experiencing losses of over $1M a month due to outages and service degradations. Hidden secondary costs include resources dedicated to troubleshooting, payouts to customers, and longer-term impact on company reputation.

Windows 11: Run a better traceroute

‍This is a follow-up to two previously published posts on Pietrasanta Traceroute, Catchpoint’s traceroute alternative. Check out the first for technical details about how it works and the second to understand how it solves firewall and path challenges inherent in existing traceroutes. We’re continually looking for ways to respond to the evolving demands of the Internet to create the most useful network (& general IPM) monitoring capabilities.