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Product Release

Issue reports and early warning signals: Now in Beta

We are excited to announce a new enhancement to our platform that will further empower you to stay ahead of potential issues. You can now report an issue for services directly from your StatusGator admin dashboard. Help out other teams who might be experiencing downtime by reporting unpublished issues. These crowdsourced issue reports are one of the datapoints that power our new Early Warning Signal alerts.

The new, queryless UI for Grafana Pyroscope: Introducing Explore Profiles

We are excited to share a significant update for Grafana Pyroscope users and the broader open source community: the launch of Explore Profiles, a new application that makes it easier and faster to surface meaningful insights from your profiling data. Explore Profiles is a Grafana app plugin designed to integrate seamlessly with Grafana Pyroscope, the open source continuous profiling backend, providing a smooth, queryless experience to browse and analyze your profiling data.

Effortless error monitoring for Adobe Commerce: Introducing the free Magenizr Raygun module

At Magenizr, we’re always looking for tools to make life easier for developers and merchants. Not too long ago, we found ourselves in a bind. We were scouring the Adobe Commerce Marketplace and Github repositories for an error monitoring app tailored for e-commerce shops but came up empty-handed. New Relic was overkill for shops that just needed to pinpoint where errors were cropping up.

Introducing Toto: A state-of-the-art time series foundation model by Datadog

Foundation models, or large AI models, are the driving force behind the advancement of generative AI applications that cover an ever-growing list of use cases including chatbots, code completion, autonomous agents, image generation and more. However, when it comes to understanding observability metrics, current large language models (LLMs) are not optimal.

Introducing Catchpoint's Live Internet Outages Map

We’re delighted to introduce a new, free tool for everyone: Catchpoint’s Live Internet Outage Map. The Live Internet Outage Map is a limited, free version of Catchpoint’s Internet Sonar capability publicly available to everyone, not just Catchpoint users. It shows outages from the last 24 hours and provides a sample of the thousands of services monitored in the full version of Internet Sonar.

Behind the scenes: Launching On-call

March 5th was a big day for incident.io as we released our on-call product to the world. Nine months of listening to our customers, coding, fixing, testing, and polishing came together for our biggest product launch to date. Releasing On-call was a huge milestone and represented the next step in our journey as a company.

Scalable AWS Load Balancing and Security With HAProxy Fusion

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is renowned for providing a comprehensive ecosystem that supports the computational and data storage needs essential for developing, deploying, and managing applications across different regions, ensuring that users experience fast and seamless service.

Reviewing Every New Feature in HAProxy 3.0

HAProxy 3.0 maintains the strong momentum of our open-source load balancer into 2024 with improvements to simplicity, security, reliability, flexibility, and more. In this blog post, we'll dive into what’s new in version 3.0, providing examples and context. It’s a long list, so get comfortable and maybe bring a snack! All these improvements (and more) will be incorporated into HAProxy Enterprise 3.0, releasing later this year.

What's new in Avantra 24.2

It’s my pleasure to announce the release of Avantra 24.2. The second update of Avantra 24, building upon 24.1 which brought performance and customer requested bug fixes, 24.2 brings new innovations and enhancements to our Avantra platform. With over 300 changes in our development management system, Avantra 24.2 feels like a major release to us and we have something new everywhere you look. Let’s dive deeper into the new features.

Introducing Aiven for Valkey

Aiven offers managed Valkey, an open source NoSQL database compatible with legacy OSS Redis* perfect for caching, message queues, and more. Today ‍Aiven is launching Aiven for Valkey to give customers a fully open source Redis alternative. Aiven for Caching will remain available to existing customers, but due to recent Redis licensing changes, it will remain on Redis 7.2.4. Valkey is a fork of OSS Redis, version 7.2.5, maintained by the Linux Foundation and is fully backwards compatible with Redis.