5 Tips to Make Your Next Dashboard Your Best Yet (Designing Dashboards for UX/UI)

Today I’m going to describe five principles that will help you create dashboards that serve the people that count, rather than just serving up data. A clear dashboard that focuses on a central theme speaks for itself. You’ll spend less time explaining the dashboard, and data-driven decisions can be made more easily because the right information is readily accessible. Sounds like a solid way to work, doesn’t it? Well then, let’s get started.


Copy and paste widgets to share data across teams and dashboards

As your environment grows in scale and complexity, finding faster ways to build rich dashboards and share strategic insights with the right team members becomes more important. To help you easily share data with anyone, anywhere, we are happy to announce that you can now copy and paste widgets within Datadog (across dashboards, Notebooks, and accounts)—and even in emails and other communication channels like Slack.


Ask Us Anything: Your Questions about MySQL, Elasticsearch, Grafana, and More

The Grafana Labs community has more than 600 developers around the world who contribute to our open source projects. From time to time, they also ask really great questions about how to get started in Grafana, how to solve an issue, or how to implement best practices for various functions. Here are three questions that have gotten some of the most clicks on the Grafana community board – and the answers from Grafana Labs’ Director of Software Engineering, Daniel Lee.


Worth a Look: More Public Grafana Dashboards

A couple months ago, we wrote about some Grafana dashboards that large organizations, for a variety of reasons, have made public with their actual live data. And we followed that up with a look inside the public dashboards at GitLab, a self-described “ridiculously transparent” company. It’s always interesting to see how Grafana users are setting up their visualizations, so we decided to do another roundup. Check these dashboards out, and get inspired.


Understand, explore, and collaborate with Dashboard Details

Dashboards provide critical visibility into the performance and health of your environment. But if your organization uses hundreds or thousands of dashboards, or if you’ve recently transitioned to a new company or different team, it’s not always easy to understand the full significance of the data shown on every single dashboard.


How a Production Outage Was Caused Using Kubernetes Pod Priorities

On Friday, July 19, Grafana Cloud experienced a ~30min outage in our Hosted Prometheus service. To our customers who were affected by the incident, I apologize. It’s our job to provide you with the monitoring tools you need, and when they are not available we make your life harder. We take this outage very seriously. This blog post explains what happened, how we responded to it, and what we’re doing to ensure it doesn’t happen again.