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Grafana Agent v0.38 release: new OpenTelemetry components, configuration improvements, and more

Grafana Agent v0.38 has hit the digital shelves just before the holiday season! 🧑‍🎄 The elves over at Grafana Labs have been quietly working on Grafana Agent, with more than 50 updates for all SREs and developers to use — no matter if you’re on the naughty or nice list. This includes new features, improvements, bug fixes, and significant ease-of-use changes.


How to calculate the difference of a value over time with InfluxDB and Grafana

Learning about the past helps us understand the present, and even predict the future. So, whether you are monitoring CPU usage or how long your IoT device was powered on and then off, at some point, you might want to know the difference of a value over time. InfluxDB is an open source database for storing and retrieving time series data. Thanks to its own query languages — flux and InfluxQL — it provides different and powerful ways to analyze data.

Customize Asset Management Dashboards to Monitor IT Assets

Asset Management dashboards are the best way for technicians and administrators to identify and revise important information quickly. They offer a single pane of glass with all the ITAM metrics that need daily monitoring, contributing to an even more proactive Asset Management strategy. On InvGate Insight, you'll find a default panel that displays the CI status. But you'll also be able to create new dashboards tailored to your organization's specific needs.

Kibana vs Grafana: Battle Of the Dashboards

Every day, we generate tons of data, so much so that we cannot analyze them manually anymore. Visualization is a process by which the generated data will be broken down into smaller packages. Visualization extensively relies on observability and the triumvirate of Logs, Metrics and Traces. When it comes to visualizations and dashboards, Kibana and Grafana are two prominent names in the market. What makes them stand apart from their peers is their ability to conceive top-notch analytics charts.

How to use flow mode for Grafana Agent with Matt Durham (Grafana Office Hours #21)

Senior Software Engineer Matt Durham shows us how to use flow mode for Grafana Agent. Flow mode is a new and better way to install and configure Grafana Agent than the older "static mode". Among other things, flow mode's modularity makes it easier to build more complex workflows like traditional data pipelines and allows for more use cases than collecting and processing telemetry.
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How to measure engineering team health

At SquaredUp, we have been debating how the senior leadership team can monitor the ‘health’ of our engineering teams. To do this, we decided to create a dashboard that could represent this for a team – but first, we needed to figure out what to measure. Our goal was to better understand our teams to inform which actions to take to support them and make them a happier and more productive bunch.

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Virtual Customer Workshop 2023

Last week, we were very excited to host our first ever SquaredUp Virtual Customer Workshop! We’d received so much positive feedback on the intimate in-person workshop we ran in the UK last month that we wanted to extend the invitation worldwide – by recreating the experience virtually. Using the digital conferencing app Gather Town, we were pleased to welcome 23 SquaredUp customers from 12 countries to our virtual “SquaredUp Town”.