Leverage analytics to get a unified view of enterprise IT

The IT department of an organization often encompasses several small subdepartments that operate independently from one another. While this enables efficient operations, it prevents top-level management from having a complete picture of the entire IT environment because metrics are split across several tools.

Is your business PCI DSS compliant?

How Chooseus Life Insurance lost its customers’ cardholder details and their trust In August 2019, reporters began flocking to Chooseus Life Insurance’s head office in Detroit after news leaked that thousands of the company’s customers had lost money due to a security breach. The CEO of this life insurance company released the following statement: “We have had your trust for two years.

Resource Management, Images, and more with ServiceDesk Plus 11.1

The user education team at ServiceDesk Plus brings you a close-up on all the great features built into ServiceDesk Plus 11.1. Learn how resource management helps you distribute tasks among your techs; add images to your service templates; customize your application pages by user, and much more.

Five worthy reads: Why AI-as-a-Service, or AIaaS, is quickly growing in popularity

Five worthy reads is a regular column on five noteworthy items we’ve discovered while researching trending and timeless topics. Most companies use some type of “as-a-service” solution to optimize output, and this week, we shed some light on the latest “as-a-service” trend to hit the market, AI-as-a-Service.


Key security functions of unified endpoint management

As part of digital transformation, the adoption of a wide range of devices for work is on the rise. A unified endpoint management (UEM) solution is capable of enforcing management policies and configurations, as well as securing endpoints. In a previous blog, we reviewed the capabilities of a good UEM solution. In this instalment, we look at UEM security features.

Network configuration management: Best practices

When a business grows and its needs expand, configuration changes begin to take place on a daily basis. Network admin can carry out these changes manually, but this presents the risk of human error, resulting in faulty configurations. In this e-book, we'll take a look at the best practices that can help IT admins ensure hassle-free network configuration management, and avoid errors.

Sizing up the CCPA: How the USA's new privacy regulation measures up against the GDPR

The California Consumer Protection (CCPA) act took effect on January 1, 2020, and companies across the globe are scrambling to get their act together to avoid non-compliance penalties. Although enforcement of the CCPA doesn’t officially begin until July 2020, the California Attorney General’s office will still be able to penalize violations that occurred between implementation on January 1 and official enforcement in July.


Recovering from OneDrive for Business ransomware attacks

Ransomware has been a growing threat in recent years, and experts now estimate the cost of these attacks at $7.5 billion in the USA alone in 2019. The affected institutions include 966 government agencies, educational establishments, and healthcare providers. Since most ransomware attacks stem from a small mistake made by one end user, either through phishing emails or stolen credentials, the threat is only expected to increase in the years to come.

Integrating Mobile Device Manager Plus with Jira Service Desk

Every organization has a help desk solution to manage and resolve employees' asset related issues. Mobile Device Manager Plus integrates with Jira Service Desk to empower the help desk technicians with the ability to perform various device management tasks right from the Jira Service Desk console.