Introducing cf-remote: Tooling to deploy CFEngine

About a year ago, I wrote a small python script to automate installing and bootstrapping CFEngine on virtual machines in AWS. It had some hard coded IP addresses that I needed to update when I spawned new hosts, but other than that, it worked well. During manual testing, it saved me a lot of time instead of having to do things manually.


A Change To Trello Teams, Automation With Butler, Map View, And 13 Enterprise Features

Teams use Trello all over the world to manage projects and accomplish great things. People use Trello to grow their companies, shape the classroom, and even run governments. The Trello team is proud to watch Trello impact millions of people’s lives, and we’ve been laser focused on building a product that’s both super easy to use, and customizable for teams of any size.


New! Workflow Automation At Your Service With Trello’s Butler Power-Up

Today we are excited to introduce built-in workflow automation in Trello with the Butler Power-Up. Say goodbye to the tedious clicks and endless card drags of yesteryear, and say hello to custom automations, rules, scheduled commands, and so much more! Consider Butler to be the robo-sidekick for your team’s productivity, allowing you to create a seamless process for any task or workflow at the board or card level.