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Windows Batch File Tips and Tricks

Batch files have been around since the early Windows operating system. These are plain text files with .bat|.cmd|.btm file extensions, and when executed, the commands are interpreted by the Windows command-line interface. While Microsoft released a more advanced command-line tool called PowerShell (this is not installed by default), the native windows command line remains a popular choice for scripting. Here are some tips and tricks for developers and non-technical people alike.

Agile and DevOps: great union for IT

It’s been some time since devops and agile to walk side by side. Combining both has become the basic precept for any IT area, since that way you can get better business results. However, this union still generates much discussion. To better understand the two concepts, it is interesting to note that all of DevOps’ efforts within an organization are geared towards enabling “value delivery” to customers and businesses as quickly as possible.

6 Reasons to Start Monitoring the Performance of Your Applications

It’s no use computerize your entire company and introducing a poor, slow, or difficult usability system. To effectively anticipate this type of scenario and avoid jobs and headaches for your team, APM – Application Performance Monitoring – comes as a good alternative. Through it, you can analyze how your team is using enterprise applications. With this, you can better understand whether these applications are offering problems or solutions. But the advantages do not stop there.