How to use flow mode for Grafana Agent with Matt Durham (Grafana Office Hours #21)

How to use flow mode for Grafana Agent with Matt Durham (Grafana Office Hours #21)

Nov 25, 2023

Senior Software Engineer Matt Durham shows us how to use flow mode for Grafana Agent. Flow mode is a new and better way to install and configure Grafana Agent than the older "static mode". Among other things, flow mode's modularity makes it easier to build more complex workflows like traditional data pipelines and allows for more use cases than collecting and processing telemetry.


Grafana Agent repo:
Grafana Agent docs:
Grafana Agent flow mode:
What is Grafana Agent? (previous Grafana Office Hours video)
Grafana Slack: - there's an `@agent` channel
Grafana Agent Community Call agenda:
Modules for Grafana Agent:

00:00:00 Introductions
00:05:25 What is Grafana Agent?
00:07:31 What is static mode and why wasn't it enough?
00:16:38 Demo - Agent configuration in River language
00:22:19 Advantages of flow vs static mode
00:27:00 Grafana Agent flow mode UI
00:30:30 Documentation for flow mode
00:32:59 Performance, scalability, availability of flow mode
00:40:43 New features in flow mode - OTel support
00:43:11 Beyond telemetry, easier to contribute to
00:45:44 How to install flow mode vs static mode
00:47:37 Continuous profiling via Pyroscope in flow
00:48:42 Flow mode will eventually replace static mode
00:50:02 Future of flow mode
00:54:54 5-minute summary of Grafana Agent flow mode

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