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August 2022

Where can IT process automation make a real impact? | Resolve

Is your IT department buried in service desk requests or incident response tickets? Is your IT Operations team scrambling to assess and isolate a network application problem? In this video Resolve CEO Vijay Kurkal explains how automation can help clean up the mundane service desk tasks and communication while freeing up your ITOps resources to do more meaningful work by providing automation solutions for auto-remediation, provisioning, observability and much more.

What pressures are forcing rapid IT transformation? | Resolve

The business landscape is changing. IT resources are dealing with growing pressures from both inside and outside their organization, hindering them from keeping up with demand. In this video, Resolve CEO Vijay Kurkal describes in more detail the challenges that they are facing today and in the future.

The importance of IT's role in digital transformation. | Resolve

It's no mystery how important automation is when it comes to augmenting the digital transformation initiatives for any company. However, if you do not understand IT's role in those efforts, you risk a fragile and siloed infrastructure that may be bring more problems than benefits as you try to scale your business. In this video, Resolve CEO Vijay Kurkal explains why IT is the foundation of your business.