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Aug 7, 2020   |  By Helen Anderson
Raygun’s Launch Notes are your regular round-up of all the improvements we made to Raygun last month — from significant features to performance updates.
Jul 31, 2020   |  By Jeremy Norman
Here at Raygun, improving performance is baked into our culture. In a previous blog post, we showed how we achieved a 12% performance lift by migrating Raygun’s API to .NET Core 3.1. In publishing this, a question was asked on Twitter as to why we still use Nginx as a proxy to the Raygun API application. Our response was that we thought this was the recommended approach from Microsoft. It turns out this has not been the case since the release of .NET Core 2.1.
Jul 29, 2020   |  By Jeff Smith
This article will focus on debugging JavaScript code within Microsoft Edge Developer Tools. The Edge DevTools are a powerful toolset built into the Edge browser on Microsoft Windows 10. The DevTools are also available as a standalone app to download from the Microsoft Store, if one prefers to run them separately from Edge itself. We’ll be using Raygun Crash Reporting to find the stack trace and the line of code the error occurred on. You can sign up for a free 14-day trial here.
Jul 20, 2020   |  By Jeremy Norman
A Content Security Policy (CSP) is an added layer of security that helps to detect and mitigate certain types of attacks, including Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) and data injection attacks. These attacks are used for everything from data theft to site defacement to the distribution of malware. Whilst blocking attacks is important, it is also useful to be notified of attacks when they happen. A breach could bring your organization to a halt — from broken webpages to data breaches.
Jul 14, 2020   |  By John-Daniel
When we were rethinking what an Application Performance Monitoring product could be, we did what we always did. We thought of developers, and the ultimate users that they serve. It’s no surprise then that two years back, we built an all-new take on APM from scratch. One that armed developers with the level of insights that they need to deliver great software. Fortunately, we seemed to be onto something here.
Jul 1, 2020   |  By Jeremy Norman
Here at Raygun, improving performance is baked into our culture. We don't just think about our application performance, but more broadly, we look at our own infrastructure and ask if there's anything we can do to make it more performant for our business and for our customers. Two years ago, we switched our API from Node.js to .NET Core and achieved a 2000% increase in throughput. To continue that story, we recently upgraded .NET Core 2.1 to 3.1 and saw a 12% increase in performance. We enjoy presenting our performance findings, so in this post, we'd like to give some context into why we upgraded and the conditions that helped us achieve the 12% performance lift.
Jun 23, 2020   |  By Nicholas Lane
Over the past few years, we’ve witnessed a couple of key trends in the performance monitoring space. Adoption of single-page applications (SPAs) has continued to grow and as such performance monitoring is evolving. SPAs don’t offer the same existing web metrics like load time or first paint from the browser performance API. As a result, developers require more flexibility to track the metrics that matter to their end-users and business.
Jun 3, 2020   |  By Nicholas Lane
Earlier in the year, we launched the request details page in Raygun Real User Monitoring. This update brought the instance-level insights into page performance to help you understand exactly what caused poor performance and how to improve it. To complement instance-level insights, this latest launch brings the Latest slowest requests module to Real User Monitoring.
Mar 25, 2020   |  By Raygun
In this live demonstration, you’ll witness experts from Octopus and Raygun deploying software into production and monitoring the impact of these changes in real-time. Learn first-hand how to seamlessly configure deployments, identify issues, and track performance gains.
Mar 5, 2020   |  By Raygun
Join our expert team as they share best practices when identifying bottlenecks, monitoring optimizations, and communicating the impact of their work to the wider team.
Jan 31, 2020   |  By Raygun
Discover and resolve the performance bottlenecks your customers encounter with actionable data from real user sessions. Easily diagnose why users had a poor experience, convert more sales and enhance your front-end performance with Real User Monitoring.
Jan 31, 2020   |  By Raygun
We’ve redefined what APM should be, giving your team greater context and diagnostic tools into your biggest performance questions. Discover and pinpoint the root cause of performance issues with greater speed and accuracy than traditional APM solutions.
Jan 31, 2020   |  By Raygun
Control the chaos around solving software bugs. Quickly diagnose problems in your codebase, enjoy faster development cycles and make sure users are having error-free experiences.
Dec 19, 2019   |  By Raygun
The Raygun team is going global this year. Come along with us as we visit Las Vegas, Seattle, and Portland to talk with industry leaders, developers, and customers. We are going to be having a blast, and want you to come along for the ride!
Dec 19, 2019   |  By Raygun
Touchdown! The Raygun team has finally landed in Las Vegas, America, and are excited to start meeting everyone. More excitement is to come, so stay tuned!
Dec 19, 2019   |  By Raygun
Energy is high and the team is ready to take on AWS re:Invent day 1. Follow us as we start to meet the amazing people who make up the event, as well as checking out some cool Raygun swag.
Sep 20, 2019   |  By Raygun
This eBook covers real-world examples and advice from tech leaders. Use their knowledge to help you deliver application updates faster and provide a better user experience during your digital transformation process.
Apr 5, 2019   |  By Raygun
You've initiated a digital transformation (DX) strategy in your company, and your software team is onboard for the changes that you'll be making to software and processes. But how can you manage and observe the effect of your DX process on your customers and how they experience your software?
Jan 28, 2019   |  By Raygun
Discover how modern APM is helping software teams globally gain deeper insights into how their applications are performing in production environments, and how faster MTTR (Mean Time To Resolution) is easily within reach.
Oct 21, 2018   |  By Raygun
Learn how teams are revolutionizing the way they build and maintain their applications with this free software intelligence ebook.
Oct 1, 2018   |  By Raygun
Want to be as effective as possible whilst on-call? This free ebook from Raygun will help ensure your team is prepared for when things go bump in the night!
Sep 1, 2018   |  By Raygun
Download this free ebook to learn how to implement an effective ChatOps workflow to make issue management and resolution easy within software development teams.
Aug 1, 2018   |  By Raygun
Download this free ebook to learn how to build robust JavaScript applications and ensure effective error monitoring is in place
Jul 1, 2018   |  By Raygun
This error monitoring whitepaper from Raygun explores how automating software quality liberates teams, so development is proactive rather than reactive.

Raygun is a Software Intelligence Platform that gives companies visibility into software problems. Errors, crashes and slow loading pages and scripts affecting end users are automatically detected, enabling teams to build excellent user experiences.

Spot every bug. Discover every performance issue. Ship new features faster and deliver flawless user experiences. Raygun enables you to build stronger, faster and more resilient web and mobile applications for your customers.

Three powerful products. One neat package.

  • Uncover performance bottlenecks: Identify server-side performance issues and go deeper than ever before. Know the answers to your performance problems and never be left guessing.
  • Fix bugs with greater speed: Diagnose and resolve issues users experience. Pinpoint root causes, without having to rely on logs, support tickets and incomplete information.
  • Deliver flawless software experiences: Ensure users have fast and reliable user experiences whilst using your web and mobile apps. Improve NPS, retention and customer satisfaction.

Successful software starts here.