Microservices Authorization: Styra DAS Moves up the Stack

We’ve had an exciting past six months at Styra, from a Series A funding announcement to tremendous growth in the Open Policy Agent (OPA) community to new enhancements to our commercial product, Styra’s Declarative Authorization Service (DAS). All of this great momentum maps to our overarching vision of unifying authorization and policy for the cloud-native environment.


The Cost of Monitoring Microservices: Managed Solutions vs. In-house

In the last decade, more and more companies switched their software architecture from a monolithic approach to microservices. A microservice architecture consists of multiple services that work in conjunction with each other to accomplish a higher goal.

Cracking the Case: How to Migrate from Monoliths to Microservices

Microservices migrations can be a challenge. What's the best approach to choosing your tech stack when splitting a monolith into a service-based architecture? What are the pros and cons of modern cloud infrastructure choices and reasons why you’d choose one over another? What monitoring solutions are available today and what are their strengths and weaknesses for maintaining, understanding and observing your new infrastructure?

Migrating to Microservices: Worst Practices

All migrations from monoliths to microservices start with the same great intentions: The reality is that most migrations bog down quickly. Poorly understood goals and tradeoffs end up with a distributed monolith, the worst of all worlds where multiple tightly coupled code bases are deployed often. This worst practices guide will tell you how you too can end up with a distributed monolith at the end of a multi-year long slog.


SOA vs Microservices: Perspectives in Architecture

Microservice architectures dominate the headlines in today’s software media, typically in deciding whether or not the move to microservices is the right strategy for an engineering team. And even if people aren’t discussing microservices outright, they are talking about technologies –– think Kubernetes, Docker, Envoy, and gRPC –– that largely cater to the needs and pain points of leveraging and managing highly-distributed microservice environments.


Application Performance Redefined: Meet the New SignalFx Microservices APM

Today, Splunk announced a new milestone release of SignalFx Microservices APM, introducing groundbreaking innovations including: Full Fidelity tracing, AI-Driven Directed Troubleshooting, and open framework instrumentation. With the Splunk acquisition of SignalFx and Omnition now behind us, we’re excited to announce a new, revolutionary release of SignalFx Microservices APM.