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July 2023

From End to End, Seamlessly Automated: Elevate Your IT with Full Stack Automation Regardless of your ITSM Platform

Automation is gaining more power every day, as organizations realize how IT processes directly impact the business and can help it grow … or, hold it back. We’re seeing a staggering climb in task-related demands for IT service management (ITSM), as volumes of work seem to multiply overnight. Organizations are reaching a point where manual process methods can put the business in jeopardy, as human IT staff cannot keep up.

A Look at the Top 7 IT Automations for Highly Effective Organizations

More than three decades have passed since Stephen R. Covey made the world highly effective. His 1989 bestseller, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, inspired just about everyone. How could anyone pass up the chance to become highly effective by adopting just seven new habits!?

Top 5 Trends Forecasted for Telco Operations' and Network Automation's Growing Impact

There’s no end in sight for the more-than-fair share of technological advancements the telecommunications sector has seen. And with change, comes challenges. The infrastructures that establish digital communication and connectivity that nearly everyone depends on are in regular, ongoing need of upgrades, which calls for significant investments in building and maintaining them. Much of the relevant decision-making comes from Communication Service Providers (CSPs).

No-Code, Low-Code, Bring-Your-Own-Code Platforms: Explained

No-code, low-code, and bring-your-own-code (BYOC) platforms refer to different types of software development approaches that cater to varying levels of technical expertise, allowing users to create applications, websites, and automate tasks with differing degrees of coding requirements.

Simplicity Just One Click Away: Automating the Many IT Tasks of Employee Offboarding

There’s an unfortunate mistake that’s too often made when the relationship between an employee and their employer ends, and when the offboarding begins: processing the termination steps too quickly and disregarding the importance of the employee’s last few days, which can mean that behind-the-scenes procedures, like those in IT, aren’t carried out so well.

AI and Automation: Transformative Potential for the Future of Business

If anything’s going to decide what the future of IT automation holds, it’ll be artificial intelligence (AI) and generative AI. And if this past half-year hype has proven anything, it’s that we could see some serious, game-changing surprises. Did anyone see generative AI including tools like ChatGPT coming?