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Network Configuration Manager as an add-on to OpManager

By employing ManageEngine OpManager, you can effectively oversee the network monitoring domain, maintaining optimal control. However, to mitigate network problems and prevent performance degradation resulting from erroneous device configurations, OpManager's network configuration management module becomes indispensable.

Enable AI powered IT operations without any hassles

In this digital era, with the explosion of data and increasing complexity of IT infrastructures, organizations are struggling to manage their IT operations. By leveraging the cumulative power of AI and ML, AI for IT operations (AIOps) can ease the burden and help enterprises achieve a proactive operational state.

Learn the top 4 best practices for effective firmware vulnerability management

If the firmware attack is severe, the attacker may gain access to all device details and gain a strong foothold in the entire network infrastructure. Also, network infrastructures containing thousands of devices become a soft target if not handled with utmost care. Therefore, how can you handle such problems?

Supply Chain Levels for Software Artifacts (SLSA)

Supply chain Levels for Software Artifacts (SLSA) is a security framework that assists in ensuring the integrity of software artifacts throughout the software supply chain. The Open Source Security Foundation (OpenSSF) introduced SLSA in 2021 to protect software from sources through deployment by helping organizations to counter critical threats. SLSA provides a model for improving supply chain security and integrity, and offers guidance for solving issues related to developer or build systems as exploitable security vectors.

2023 SRE Report

Now in its fifth year, The SRE Report has become the trusted source of trends and insights for reliability-as-a-feature practices. This year in partnership with Blameless, the report contains special contributions from Adrian Cockcroft and Steve McGhee and highlights findings from a global community of reliability practitioners, including SREs, managers, architects, and executives. As ever, we found some familiar trends and some thought-provoking anti-patterns.