AI/ML - Are We Using It in the Right Context?

There used to be a distinct, technical separation between terms such as AI and machine learning (ML) – but only while these technologies remained largely theoretical. As soon as they became practical in the real world, and then commodifiable into products, the marketers stepped in. Widespread overuse of the terms AI/ML in marketing have managed to thoroughly confuse the meanings of these words.


5 Best Practices for Using AI to Automatically Monitor Your Kubernetes Environment

If you happen to be running multiple clusters, each with a large number of services, you’ll find that it’s rather impractical to use static alerts, such as “number of pods < X” or “ingress requests > Y”, or to simply measure the number of HTTP errors. Values fluctuate for every region, data center, cluster, etc. It’s difficult to manually adjust alerts and, when not done properly, you either get way too many false-positives or you could miss a key event.


Introducing 'MLWatcher', Anodot's Open-Source Tool For Monitoring Machine Learning Models

Machine Learning (ML) algorithms are designed to automatically build mathematical models using sample data to make decisions. Rather than use specific instructions, they rely on patterns and inference instead. And the business applications abound. In recent years, companies such Google and Facebook have found ways to use ML to utilize the massive amounts of data they have for more profit.


Amazon Quicksight ML Anomaly Detection vs. Anodot Autonomous Analytics

Companies invest in anomaly detection in order to proactively identify risks, such as revenue loss, customer churn and operational performance issues. Anomaly detection essentially enhances traditional BI and visualization tools, venturing beyond a summary view of your data. It constantly scans every metric, at a granular level, to find abnormalities. But in order for this technology to have an impact, you must be able to trust it.


Glitch List: June 2019

To keep you up-to-date with what’s going on in anomaly detection, we keep an ongoing list of the biggest glitches happening in the business world. Here is what made waves in June. June 25, 2019 When Dutch telco KPN suffered a major outage on the evening of Tuesday, June 25, the 112 emergency number was also knocked out across the country. “We have no reason to think it was (a hack) and we monitor our systems 24/7,” the company spokesperson told Reuters.

Anodot Demo: eCommerce

Personalization is key to eCommerce today. But with all the app permutations, how do you maintain great service for every customer? For every experience? Anodot is a proactive way to run your eCommerce business, used by the world’s leading data-driven companies. See how our patented AI/ML analytics platform gives you just the alerts you need, cutting time to detection and time to resolution, and saving you from costly incidents.