Parsley Health: Bringing Telemedicine to the Front Lines

As a child with a cancer survivor and heart disease patient for parents, I developed a psychological discomfort for visiting hospitals and the doctor’s office in my adult years. For me, the feeling of restlessness while sitting in a waiting room coupled with fear of the medically unknown can create the perfect breeding grounds for stress and anxiety—and apparently, I’m not alone.


Why cybersecurity In the healthcare sector needs improvement

A recent attack on a hospital in Brno, Czech Republic (a COVID-19 testing center)ehowed the extent to which weaknesses in a health center’s cybersecurity system can endanger the lives of patients. During this attack, patients had to be redirected to other hospitals and vital surgeries were postponed - all during a time in which vital testing needed to be carried out and releases needed to be sped up. A study published in the journal Technological Health Care by CS Kruse et al.

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Empire Office Gains Critical Insights into Remote Worker Trends with End-User Productivity Report

Empire Office is the United State’s largest commercial furniture dealer, providing creative and cost-effective workspace solutions. Based in Manhatten, NY, the epicenter of the COVID-19 outbreak, they were mandated to immediate stay at home orders, forcing their entire workforce to work from home. Fortunately, their Senior Vice President and CIO, Michael Pfaeffle, had already enabled the teams to work remotely by investing in Citrix XenApp a few years prior.


Monitoring a Pulse Oximeter with InfluxDB - A Parent's Perspective

This article was contributed by Michael Hinkle, Probe Engineering and Manufacturing Supervisor at Texas Instruments. My name is Mike Hinkle, and I use InfluxDB to monitor my daughter’s pulse oximeter and to better understand her overall health. Through my career as an engineer, currently at Texas Instruments, I was aware of time series databases and I love to play with various technologies.


Tips for Managing Third-Party Risk in Health Care

The healthcare industry possesses the crown jewels that the bulk of attackers are after: Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Data has become the new currency in the digital underground, consisting primarily of social security numbers, credit card information, health information, and passwords.


Ensuring data quality in healthcare: Inching closer to Analytics adoption

Advanced analytics has shaped the healthcare industry in significant ways. It has shown to impact the way healthcare is delivered and received by streamlining workflows, improving the patient experience, and lowering overall costs. Now, not only is the use of advanced analytics widespread—47% of providers are currently using the tool—but 93% of healthcare executives also consider it important to the future of their business.

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Intelligent Monitoring of the End-User Experience is Necessary in Healthcare Environments More than Ever

Originally published by Theresa Miller, Citrix CTP and VMware vExpert Healthcare workers are finding themselves more overwhelmed than ever with COVID-19, and the Health IT Professionals that support these workers with technologies that must be online and high performing are equally stressed. There is no time for EHR (Epic, Cerner, Allscripts, MEDITECH) or other system failures. All technology vendors must work in concert to deliver a successful end-user experience.


How private-sector tech companies are stepping up to the COVID-19 fight

In a drastic worldwide attempt to curb the spread of COVID-19, one third of the global population is now experiencing some form of lockdown. For the millions of Americans who have filed for unemployment over the last few weeks, there is nothing to do but wait. But for those on the frontline, time has never felt so limited. As hospitals around the world face buckling under the pressure of wave after wave of new patients, increasing the capacity of our healthcare systems has become our priority.