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What is Dragonfly?

Discover the power of Dragonfly: Scalability, resilience, and real-time messaging. Uncover the benefits of this cutting-edge in-memory data store solution now! Dragonfly is a performant and memory-efficient drop-in replacement for Redis®, utilizing a modern multi-threaded shared-nothing architecture. That’s it! In essence, we have already captured the ambitious mission of Dragonfly.

What's new at Aiven: Q4/2023 - Q1/2024

Optimize data infrastructure with the power of AI. Upgrade open source data services and reduce costs with self-service BYOC on AWS. The Aiven team strives to enhance our platform with new features to enable organizations to innovate rapidly and manage their growing data infrastructure efficiently. In case you missed some of our newest product news, we’ll take a glimpse here so you can discover our latest developments!

The Top Two Misconceptions as FSI Compliance Requirements Tighten

With Basel 3.1 aligned frameworks, governments worldwide are increasingly emphasising the need for financial institutions to maintain operational continuity. With compliance and risk management regulations set to tighten globally, many financial services organisations are working extremely hard to identify and close gaps in their existing risk management and compliance strategies.

Max Pagel, SensorFlow: Amplifying Advancement with AI

SensorFlow’s Co-Founder and CTO on using technology to do more with less and why the platform approach will always win Like many entrepreneurs, Pagel’s step into business was borne out of a desire to do things differently. His founder journey began in 2016 in Singapore — a place he still calls home today. While working as a research associate at a university, he became frustrated with the science ecosystem and how it all worked.

Micah Lasseter, Delivery Hero: The Link Between Leadership, Learning and Diversity

Discover how Micah Lasseter, Director of Leadership and Management Development at Delivery Hero is creating a link between leadership, learning and diversity. We’ve all heard the old saying that travel broadens the mind. But Micah Lasseter, Director of Leadership and Management Development at Delivery Hero can confirm that it is absolutely true.

Aiven for Dragonfly - Unleash Super-Fast Caching

Aiven for Dragonfly delivers a 700% performance boost to scale with your enterprise needs Scalability and performance are major challenges for modern enterprise applications. Aiven for Dragonfly, now generally available, delivers nearly 700 percent higher throughput (requests per second) and uses approximately 25 percent less memory compared to open source Redis® on similar hardware, according to our benchmark study.

The Coexistence of Open Source and Proprietary Software: Striking the Balance

Discover how to build a technology infrastructure to get the best of both open source and proprietary software The debate on the cohabitation of open source software (OSS) and proprietary software has persisted as long as both have existed. OSS, designed for unrestricted access and usage, and proprietary software, its opposite, have often been positioned as opponents in the technology arena. However, the reality is far from this either/or dynamic.

Helping Enterprises Make Sense of Sustainability in an Ocean of Engineering Data

If I were to ask you what marine biologists and database engineers have in common, you’d think it was the beginning of a nerdy joke. There probably is one in there somewhere but, as someone that has sat on both sides of the fence – or operated on both sides of the water’s surface to continue the analogy – I can say with certainty that the parallels are more common than coral on the Great Barrier Reef.