SOC Quarantine Diaries: Nick Percoco, CISO of Kraken, on the Crypto Exchange's "Productive Paranoia"

Episode 3: So what's it like to be at the helm of the cybersecurity division of a cryptocurrency exchange? It's a question we couldn't ask as recently as a decade ago, but now we can -- and we did with Nick Percoco, CISO of Kraken. Nick discusses responding to threats, building a security culture and evolving in a work-from-home world.

Kraken CISO Nick Percoco on the Crypto Exchange's "Productive Paranoia" and the Future of Protecting Home Networks (Video)

Audio Version Episode 3 of SOC Quarantine Diaries catches up with veteran security mind Nick Percoco, whose renowned career has seen him go from pen tester to research lab founder to CISO of two companies As the current security chief for popular digital currency exchange Kraken, Percoco is not only confronting the unique challenges of safeguarding a crypto platform – several of which have faced devastating breaches in recent years – but also ensuring their millions of customers are protect


Why Blockchain Needs Kubernetes

In under five years time, Kubernetes has become the default method for deploying and managing cloud applications, a remarkably fast adoption rate for any enterprise technology. Amongst other things, Kubernetes’s power lies in its ability to map compute resources to the needs of services in the current infrastructure paradigm. But how does this tool work when faced with the new infrastructure layer that is blockchain? Can the two technologies be used in conjunction?


How Blockchain could transform smart-home privacy tech

About the time that Bitcoin was becoming a household name in the cryptocurrency business, an associated up-and-coming technology called blockchain was making waves and being hailed as the next big thing. Then it all but disappeared from the pages of the tech journals and websites. In other words, the big splash never materialized. Looking back, the problem was that it was so new and revolutionary that nobody knew what to do with it yet.


Connecting Ethereum

ETHDenver connects developers, technologists, cypher punks, coders, crypto-economists, designers and makers to build on Ethereum, making it the perfect place to debut Splunk Connect for Ethereum. The use cases we saw added observability to blockchains like Ethereum mainnet and sidechains in real time. As the event went on, use cases and requests continued to pop up (which you'll see below); the app was used to index not just ethereum mainnet, but also sidechains such as xDai and OST Mosaic.


Introducing Splunk App for Quorum

It is imperative for organizations to monitor performance, security and stability of their blockchain integrations. Splunk makes it easy to achieve this observability, not just with blockchain but with all enterprise infrastructure. Our customers have told us this is simply a necessity for getting to production and also makes application development faster. Based on Ethereum, Quorum is an open source blockchain platform built for business and backed by strong partnerships such as J.P.