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Sumo Logic

Micro Lesson: A Log's Journey

Meet Rick Jury, Senior Technical Account Manager at Sumo Logic. In this video, Rick talks about the ingestion pipeline and the journey that a log message takes from collection into the Sumo platform, and considerations for administrators around the ingestion pipeline. You will be excited to see how this translates into a search, turning a raw event into a schema and then into actual insights.

The Ultimate Guide to Windows Event Logging

In a perfect world, there would be no issues with the operating system and no problems with the applications. Unfortunately, this isn’t a perfect world. System failures can and will occur, and when they do, it is the responsibility of system administrators to diagnose and resolve the issues. But where can system administrators begin the search for solutions when problems arise? The answer is Windows event logs.

Why Prometheus isn't enough to monitor complex environments

Modern systems look very different than they did years ago. For the most part, development organizations have moved away from building traditional monoliths towards developing containerized applications running across a highly distributed infrastructure. While this change has made systems inherently more resilient, the increase in overall complexity has made it more important and more challenging to effectively identify and address problems at their root cause when issues occur.

Five reasons why every CIO should consider Kubernetes

You should read this if you are an executive (CIO/CISO/CxO) or IT professional seeking to understand various Kubernetes business use cases. You’ll address topics like: Many enterprises adopting a multi-cloud strategy and breaking up their monolithic code realize that container management platforms like Kubernetes are the first step to building scalable modern applications.