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Why an OS Monitoring tool is not sufficient for Monitoring VMware and Other Virtualization Technologies

You have management software that you’ve used for your Linux or Windows servers. Can’t you just deploy a Linux agent and monitor a VMware vSphere/ESX server, or a Windows agent to monitor a Microsoft Hyper-V server? This is a very common question that comes up in any discussion on VMware monitoring and virtualization management. After all, when a VMware ESX server boots, the administrator gets to a Linux login prompt and can login to a Linux operating system.

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10 Key Performance Indicators to Consider When Monitoring Server Performance

IT applications are vital for today’s digital economy and for the business to succeed, these applications must be highly available and performing well. Application performance degradations can occur for several reasons. There may be code-level issues, database slowness, or network bandwidth constraints. IT applications run on servers and if the server is not sized correctly or is under-performing, application performance will degrade as well.

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6 Tips for Application Developers to Make Java Applications Faster

Application developers and application operations personnel are together responsible for ensuring that Java web applications perform well. In an earlier blog, we had discussed 7 configurations that Application Operations teams can use to make their Java applications high-performing. In this blog, we will focus on Application Developers and discuss 6 ways in which they can enhance the performance of their Java applications.

Does Deploying Citrix in the Cloud Make Performance Monitoring Easier?

The technology of cloud computing has caught up with virtual desktop infrastructures. Tapping into the agility and flexibility of cloud-hosted infrastructures, Citrix Cloud enables organizations to simplify digital workspace delivery. With many of the critical components of the Citrix delivery infrastructure hosted in the cloud and managed by Citrix, organizations can speed up deployment, lower hardware footprint, increase ROI, simplify IT operations. Despite the many benefits of Citrix Cloud, the performance management challenges still persist, just as they do in traditional on-premises Citrix deployments.
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7 Configurations to Enhance the Performance of Your Java Web Applications

There has been a lingering perception that Java applications are slower than applications written in other languages. So, if performance is important for your application, you should not be considering Java as the programming language to use. This perception was true about 20 years ago, when Java was initially used for developing applications. In the early Java implementations, it took a long time for the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) to start.

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Citrix Admins can now track Citrix Connection Quality without Needing any Client Software

Citrix technologies are often used by remote employees or collaborators to access corporate applications and desktops. Citrix access is session oriented – a session is established at logon time and a connection between the client and the server/desktop being accessed is maintained for the duration of the session. User access to Citrix apps and desktops is highly interactive – mouse clicks, keystrokes, etc. all have to go from the client to the server/desktop to be processed.

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Citrix Analytics for Performance - Where does it fit in relation to Citrix Performance Monitoring and Management?

I recently published an article on Citrix Performance Analytics (also called Citrix Analytics for Performance), part of the Citrix Analytics service in Citrix Cloud. In this article, i will analyze where Citrix Performance Analytics fits in relative to other Citrix performance monitoring and management tools in the market.

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How to Monitor Citrix Remote PC

Ever since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting lockdowns, working from home has instantly become the primary way of work for most people. Even companies that already had functionality in place to work from home were instantly hit by scalability issues. Many of the existing solutions typically weren’t meant to be used for a 100% concurrent remote workforce.

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The Application Performance Monitoring Journey

One of the best parts of our job is enabling you to become the best #ITPerformanceHero that you can be. But behind the scenes, eG Innovations is filled with talented team members who wear their own IT Hero capes. We want to take some time to introduce you to some of the people who make eG Innovations the leading performance monitoring company on the market. We’re pleased to introduce Arun Aravamudhan, Head, APM and Web UX products.

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Integrating eG Enterprise with Microsoft Power BI for Application and Infrastructure Performance Analytics

Microsoft Power BI is a business analytics solution providing interactive visualizations and business intelligence capabilities from data and provides an interface that is simple enough for admins to create their own reports and dashboards. Data inputs to Power BI can come from multiple sources – Excel worksheets, CSV files, database tables, log files, the web, etc. It then employs smart visualizations and built-in AI technologies on that data to turn it into interactive insights.