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Keep Repos Organized Within the Terminal: GitKraken CLI Tutorial & Use Case

Ever felt like you’re juggling too many Git repositories, trying to keep up with pull requests and issues, all while wishing there was a more streamlined way to handle it all from the comfort of your terminal? If that hits close to home, then you’re in for a treat with GitKraken Ambassador Kevin Bost’s deep-dive dive into the GitKraken CLI.

Command Line Perks #GitKraken #CLI #shorts

Command lines are the 🍞 bread and butter �� for devs worldwide, but why are they so beloved? ��💻 GitKraken Product Manager Trevor explains a few of the reasons why he enjoys working within a CLI, including its speed and ease of use. Did you know GitKraken has its very own CLI? 👀 Use 'gk' for efficient Git collaboration: streamline workflows, sync PRs & Issues from GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket, and integrate with GitKraken Client & GitLens for quick visualization. 👏

Elevate your Git Workflow: Unhandled Exception Podcast

Ever found yourself pondering over the complexities of Git, wishing for a more intuitive experience? You’re in good company. In a recent Unhandled Exception podcast episode with Dan Clarke, Eric Amodio (GitKraken CTO) and Justin Roberts (GitKraken Senior Director of Product) discuss the driving forces behind GitKraken and GitLens, their vision to demystify Git, and how these tools are redefining developer workflows.

Weekly Dev Team Breakdowns with Insights #GitKraken #shorts

If you're struggling to gauge your team's productivity and identify bottlenecks, then Insights is your go-to tool! 📊 Use it to celebrate wins, address productivity dips, and understand the reasons behind them. It's more than just numbers; it's a tool for real-time, actionable insights, ensuring your team stays informed and agile! 👏

Pros & Cons of Mono Repo v. Multi Repo #GitKraken #Workshop #shorts

Keeping track of multiple repos can be challenging, but staying on top of PRs and Issues in mono repos can be just as difficult. 😖 Ultimately, the best option depends on things like team size, project complexity, and integration needs. Want to become a multi repo pro without losing your sanity?

From Task Branch in Seconds with Focus View! #GitKraken #shorts

Tired of losing momentum while setting up your work environment? 🛠️ With GitKraken, dive into your Focus View, pick your task, and quickly create branches. From planning to execution in seconds! ⏰ Whether you're on Windows or Mac, or prefer Visual Studio or VS Code, streamline your setup and jump directly into coding. 🧑‍💻

What Is Git Stash? Definition & How-To Guide

This guide will delve into git stash, starting with its basic concept, utility, and scenarios of use. We will then cover its basics, how to retrieve and manage stashes, and explore advanced techniques. Best practices and their importance in software development will conclude our guide, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of git stash.

GitLab vs GitHub: Which is the Better Version Control System?

Developers have many version control systems to choose from. Two popular platforms are GitLab and GitHub. Both of these platforms offer useful features that make them desirable tools for developers and software teams worldwide. However, though these platforms are similar, they’re not identical. Before you commit to using one or the other, you should compare GitLab vs GitHub and determine which will be better for your project.