New Integrations Directory enables your team to do better work, faster

Integrations enable you to unlock the full power of Mattermost by extending the platform to make your team even more productive. Customizing Mattermost this way enables privacy-conscious organizations to collaborate even more effectively, saving time and money without compromising on security.

super monitoring

The 5 Web Analytics Tools That Will Make Your Life Easier

When people talk about web analytics, you immediately think of Google Analytics. But there is life beyond Google Analytics. There are many web analytics tools that currently exist on the web and many that are emerging daily. Knowing how to combine these tools well is key to a good web analytics strategy that allows us to understand what happens on our website and how our users act.


How to Send a Customer Service Satisfaction Survey with OneDesk

The best way to know how well your customer service team is doing is… to ask your customers. One common way to get customer feedback is to send a follow-up survey or poll after each customer service interaction. While OneDesk does not include surveys we provide you all you need to automate the sending of these follow-up inquiries.


Creating security by delivering what employees want

There are countless ways how hackers can reach employees through the often chosen standard communication channels using phishing, CEO spoofing, malware and ransomware. It’s important to understand that one affected employee easily leads to the entire organization being at risk. Using a company-wide secure collaboration platform is the simplest, most effective way to eliminate all of these threats.


7 ways to improve your agent capacity

In the world of customer service, there’s nothing more stressful than a rising ticket backlog and overworked, stressed out agents. If your agents are inundated with emails, calls, and inquiries––something needs to change. If your agents are constantly switching between channels and unable to communicate and collaborate in real time, there are serious consequences—think low CSAT, low ASAT, and a general lack of support efficiency. Below are 7 solutions to improve your agent capacity and operations.


New! Workflow Automation At Your Service With Trello’s Butler Power-Up

Today we are excited to introduce built-in workflow automation in Trello with the Butler Power-Up. Say goodbye to the tedious clicks and endless card drags of yesteryear, and say hello to custom automations, rules, scheduled commands, and so much more! Consider Butler to be the robo-sidekick for your team’s productivity, allowing you to create a seamless process for any task or workflow at the board or card level.


Lucky Number 13: New Features to Trello Enterprise

Work teams in Trello come in different shapes and sizes. Whether working to grow an itty bitty startup or as part of the Fortune 500, companies all over the world look to Trello as their go-to productivity tool to collaborate better with teammates and get more done each day. With Trello Enterprise, we’re reimagining what Enterprise software can do for large organizations without feeling like an Enterprise tool.