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Mattermost wins 2024 DEVIES Award for Best Innovation in ITOps

We’re thrilled to announce that Mattermost has earned the 12th annual DEVIES Award for Best Innovation in ITOps! The award — given to a platform “responsible for acquiring, designing, deploying, configuring, and maintaining the physical and virtual components that comprise IT infrastructure” — was presented on Feb. 21 during DeveloperWeek 2024 to our very own Director of Product Marketing Amanda Cheong and Developer Advocate Andrew Zigler at the Oakland Marriott City Center.

How to Use Microsoft Teams for Seamless Workplace Collaboration

Curious about how to use Microsoft Teams? Let this article guide you in finding efficient ways in increasing productivity and collaboration in the digital workspace. One of the top challenges of managing a remote team is facilitating good communication. With the rising number of remote and hybrid workers, your organization needs an effective way for employees to collaborate, no matter where they are located. One popular workplace collaboration solution is Microsoft Teams.

Command Line Perks #GitKraken #CLI #shorts

Command lines are the 🍞 bread and butter �� for devs worldwide, but why are they so beloved? ��💻 GitKraken Product Manager Trevor explains a few of the reasons why he enjoys working within a CLI, including its speed and ease of use. Did you know GitKraken has its very own CLI? 👀 Use 'gk' for efficient Git collaboration: streamline workflows, sync PRs & Issues from GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket, and integrate with GitKraken Client & GitLens for quick visualization. 👏

Weekly Dev Team Breakdowns with Insights #GitKraken #shorts

If you're struggling to gauge your team's productivity and identify bottlenecks, then Insights is your go-to tool! 📊 Use it to celebrate wins, address productivity dips, and understand the reasons behind them. It's more than just numbers; it's a tool for real-time, actionable insights, ensuring your team stays informed and agile! 👏

Pros & Cons of Mono Repo v. Multi Repo #GitKraken #Workshop #shorts

Keeping track of multiple repos can be challenging, but staying on top of PRs and Issues in mono repos can be just as difficult. 😖 Ultimately, the best option depends on things like team size, project complexity, and integration needs. Want to become a multi repo pro without losing your sanity?

Implementing a Secure Credentials Policy on CircleCI | The Developer's Edge | Atlassian

This video demonstrates how you can securely manage your secrets on CircleCI. By using project restrictions, security groups, and ODIC you are able to achieve a level of security that should meet any standard. Connect with Atlassian.

Guardrails and Governance with Config Policies on CircleCI | The Developer's Edge | Atlassian

Do you have strict requirements for what needs to happen within your CI/CD system? Look no further as today we will be covering Config Policies on CircleCI. With Config Policies, you are able to dictate what actions must be present or must no be present in your CircleCI configuration. This allows you to have guardrails and governance into what happens on your CI/CD system. Connect with Atlassian.

Onboarding Your First Project on CircleCI | The Developer's Edge | Atlassian

In this video, we will cover how to onboarding your first project on CircleCI. Onboarding your first project is straightforward and easy. Today, we will be using BitBucket as our SCM and connecting Bitbucket to CircleCI. Once done, you will be able to start building with CircleCI through a push of your code! Connect with Atlassian.