Part 2: Soft Skills Customer Service Staff Need to Make Customers Happy

Whether you are a customer support professional or manage a team of agents for your company, certain soft skills can significantly impact how positive each customer interaction will be. In Part 1 of this series we explored two, and here in Part 2 we take a close look at a few more soft skills that support staff should master in order to provide the best customer experiences. 4. Organizational & Time Management Skills


The DACI Method: How To Make Better Decisions During Projects

Making decisions together is a fundamental part of every team’s journey. Not only are they important from a strategic perspective, finding consensus is critical to moving the team and your projects in the same (and right) direction. After all, it’s only fair that if a decision is going to impact others and the progression of a project, they should have an opportunity to contribute to it.


5 Service Desk Tickets Sure to Keep You Awake at Night

It’s the witching hour and the night is cold. Something feels eerie—it seems calm, but you’re not sold. You turn your computer on and to your despair, Through the garishness of the screen It was sitting there. That service desk ticket. The one you thought was finally resolved But it’s back, and with a vengeance Ready to wreak havoc on all involved. This is just the beginning of your nightmare And the scariest part, you haven’t even read.

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4 Practical Tips for Successful Virtual Office Management

Want to unlock the secrets of successful virtual office management? Perhaps you’ve heard about the benefits of a virtual office but don’t know where to begin. Or maybe you’ve had to turn to virtual work due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Either way, we have some tips that could help you set up a virtual office in no time. In this article, we’ll cover what a virtual office space is, and how a virtual office can benefit your company.

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What Are the Pros and Cons of File Sharing?

File sharing is a method used by some organizations where multiple employees have access to the same files. How the files are accessed does vary depending on the user environment. The files could be shared between two computers, where the files are stored on one computer and another user accesses them from their workstation. The files might be stored on a network file server instead of on a local workstation.


An introduction to Mattermost as your DevOps Command Center

Mattermost is a platform based on collaboration — not built simply for facilitating team and asynchronous communication, but built on the philosophy that having the ability to collaborate efficiently makes the world safer and more productive for everyone. This is true in many day-to-day situations in an organization, but it is especially true in the world of DevOps. When an emergency arises, information needs to be moved from person to person and team to team as quickly as possible.


How to pick customer segmentation software that will scale with your team

Customer segmentation involves classifying customer data by specific traits to learn more about the groups that make up your customer base. The more you understand them, the better you can serve them. There are countless ways to segment customers - by age, location, occupation, account type, company size, and more. Unless you’re prepared to keep a few thousand Post-it notes on hand at all times, you’ll need a sophisticated software solution for capturing and analyzing all that data.


Best technology for working remotely

The remote working trend largely started at the beginning of the year and looks like it is here to stay. The shift mandated by the government looked a little difficult, but technology eased the transition effortlessly. From business management to HR management, businesses can be managed with different tools catering to each department. Here is a list of six tools for you to rely on to run your business smoothly.