[Webinar]Release Management in ServiceDesk Plus Cloud.

Software releases, whether simple or complex, often entail common challenges like lack of communication between different teams, scheduling conflicts, and absence of central control. Failing to adequately address these challenges may result in underdeveloped or failed releases. This can cause an increase in outages leading to costly downtime that could have otherwise been prevented.

A Small Companies Guide to Customer Service Efficiency

The local boutique lady has a huge client base as people from other neighbourhoods love her designs and collections. She is running a small company and has created her own niche market in a very small span of time. The branded outlets in the area face tough competition from her in terms of sales and personalised services offered by the boutique.


How to roll out Teamwork Projects like an award-winning PMO

We always love hearing how companies around the world use Teamwork to transform their workflows and help their teams to become happier and more productive. So when we heard that implementing Teamwork Projects helped our pals at Ella’s Kitchen to do that and go on to win the Association for Project Management’s PMO of the Year Award in 2018, we knew we had to learn more about how they did it.


Scoro Named Leader in Professional Services Automation Software

Scoro has been acknowledged as a Leader in the Momentum Grid® Report for Professional Services Automation Software by G2 Crowd. With 96% of people who use Scoro rating us either 4 or 5 stars, we are confident in Scoro’s ability to improve our clients’ workflow. We continuously develop our product and add new features to be the perfect fit for even more professional service businesses in the future.


Egnyte Metadata Intelligence Provides Structure to Your Enterprise Content

The great management thinker, W. Edwards Deming, famously said something to the effect of, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” It’s hard to argue with Deming’s logic, but there’s a consideration that comes before measurement, and that’s discovery. Before anyone measures or manages anything, they have to be able to accurately find and understand the things being measured, managed, improved, and transacted.


5 benefits of using AI bots in customer service

The rise of the AI bots may sound like a sci-fi horror scenario, but in reality, the growing industry of bots isn’t scary at all—it’s a technology that brings real, tangible benefits to businesses and customers alike. Bots are already a big part of the customer service landscape. In 2018, the bot market was worth $1.274 billion and predictions anticipate it reaching $7.5 billion by 2024.


How an Engagement Software company utilizes custom field features & types of tickets to organize different projects

When setting up meetings, pitches, training, and events, the ideal manager makes a special effort to deliver an immersive experience by evaluating, tracking, and evaluating the audience’s level of engagement to achieve the best outcome of the event possible. After all, a high level of user engagement is perhaps the most subjective measure of a successful event. Certain companies are specialized in developing event technology geared towards refining the conventions of audience engagement.


How can help desk streamline your business

Customer service focused help desks are in great demand owing to the multiple benefits linked to the application of these tools. Streamlined customer support services reflects efficiency combined with quality. Efficient and high quality support services mandate a fresh perspective to resolving customer issues. Customer support teams work in constant pressure to deliver prompt and instant services to customers.