Managing Content Sprawl in Microsoft 365

Sprawl happens when anyone and everyone can create a site or team, usually without oversight, planning, or any kind of formal training, resulting in dozens/hundreds of rarely used or abandoned sites and teams, a poorly-performing search experience, and your intellectual property (content and conversations) spread across multiple locations each with a maze of chats, files, and channels.

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Synchronous vs Asynchronous Communication for Remote Teams

Question for you: Do you know why there are so many different types of communication tools? I mean, just google the word “communication tools”, and you’ll find list upon list upon list of “best communication tools for teams and businesses” It’s because communication amongst teams is both hard AND critical to the success of every business. You would have thought we’d figured this all out by now.


Part 3: Taking "On-hold" Out of B2B Customer Support

In Part 1 of this blog series we suggested tools that can help your B2B customers solve issues on their own and ways to help them feel more comfortable doing so. We continued in Part 2 exploring one way that customers can speed up the time to ticket resolution with live chat. And we conclude in Part 3 with more ways to speed the time to ticket resolution, using visual support tools.


Privacy shield judgement points to a decentralised future

In something reminiscent of David and Goliath, the stone of Max Schrems’ landmark legal challenge has shattered the Privacy Shield that protects centralised service providers. This is a really big deal. It means that the personal data of an EU data subject (‘person’) cannot be transferred from within the EU to the US without an appropriate mechanism.


How do you measure teamwork?

For many of us, the way we work has changed since the start of 2020. We’ve had to adapt to the unexpected, embrace remote working, and learn to keep work going even when we’re not all in the same office space. But among all the uncertainty, one thing has become clearer than ever: even when we’re apart, we’re all in this together. And teamwork has never been more important.


Leading a startup during a pandemic: 5 lessons from 5 founders

You might say this is one of the worst possible times to be growing a business, but that’s not necessarily the case. On our new Sit Down Startup podcast, we talked to founders about how a customer-focused approach can help you thrive even as the world transforms before your eyes. They shared their thoughts on customer experience, empathy and hope as we look to the future. Read on for a few lessons from some inspiring founders.

Using Document Templates in M-Files | Intelligent Information Management System

Use of templates in M-Files is really easy. Just select what you want to create and M-Files offers you the templates available. You can select from the ones created specifically for your company and for the specific class chosen, or you can choose from the blank templates.

How To Manage Communication Styles In Difficult Times

Turbulent times are a stress test for every part of your organization. Whether it’s a merger, a round of layoffs, or a pandemic—drastic uncertainty has a knack for revealing everyone’s strengths and weaknesses. And like it or not, you’ll discover the true quality of your team’s communication skills when they’re plunged into chaos.