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Charmed MongoDB: the operator you need for managing your document database

In the ever-evolving landscape of database technology, MongoDB stands out as the unrivalled leader in document databases, and it is the first-choice database solution for organisations across industries. Its pivotal role in the technological infrastructure of countless enterprises underscores its status as a mission-critical asset.


Edge storage with MicroCeph

Data is everywhere, not just in large centralised data centres, but in smaller outposts, like retail outlets, remote or branch offices, filming locations and even cars. Use cases for edge storage include local processing, content collaboration that cannot take place with high network latency, and for ingest – where locally created content is captured, protected and then made available to other systems.


Ubuntu Summit 2023 Reflections

We have just returned from the stunning city of Riga, where Canonical hosted the Ubuntu Summit 2023, and we are still buzzing with the energy from meeting so many of you. Preparing this event was a team effort. A small team of us have been meeting for months, brainstorming ideas, preparing huge to-do lists, and dividing responsibilities. It was difficult, but also hugely rewarding, and an opportunity many of us felt was a privilege.

Ubuntu Pro explained in 2 minutes

What is Ubuntu Pro? Learn about Canonical’s subscription for enterprise-grade security, compliance and support in 2 minutes. Ubuntu Pro is an extra service on top of Ubuntu that gets you extra security maintenance, compliance and support features for the OS, infrastructure and popular open source applications. Free for personal use in up to 5 machines, and offered at transparent pricing for organisations.

Generative AI explained

When OpenAI released ChatGPT on November 30, 2022, no one could have anticipated that the following 6 months would usher in a dizzying transformation for human society with the arrival of a new generation of artificial intelligence. Since the emergence of deep learning in the early 2010s, artificial intelligence has entered its third wave of development. The introduction of the Transformer algorithm in 2017 propelled deep learning into the era of large models.


Enhanced Linux Visibility with Sumo Logic

In the continually evolving digital landscape, the importance of effective and efficient logging cannot be overstated. When we journey into the realm of Linux, this rings particularly true. Today, we'll delve into why Linux logging is vital, the challenges customers commonly encounter with it, and how Sumo Logic has emerged as a market leader in providing unparalleled SIEM solutions.


Real-time Linux: a comprehensive guide

In the mission-critical workloads of modern enterprises, where time boundaries and determinism can make a major difference, the demand for real-time systems has never been more urgent. In our latest whitepaper, we delve into the realm of real-time Linux. The whitepaper is a comprehensive guide to understanding and unlocking the potential of real-time Linux to meet the stringent demands of industrial workloads.


Ubuntu Explained: How to ensure security and stability in cloud instances-part 3

Most people know that it is important to apply security updates. It can be challenging, however, to accomplish this while maximising the uptime of the services you are running on top. Every change, even applying security patches, carries some risk of disrupting your workloads. You therefore need to be deliberate about your update strategy.


Building a comprehensive toolkit for machine learning

In the last couple of years, the AI landscape has evolved from a researched-focused practice to a discipline delivering production-grade projects that are transforming operations across industries. Enterprises are growing their AI budgets, and are open to investing both in infrastructure and talent to accelerate their initiatives – so it’s the ideal time to make sure that you have a comprehensive toolkit for machine learning (ML).