From Exhausted Founder to Successful Entrepreneur

If you're feeling like work is becoming too much and you're constantly tired and stressed out, it could be much more than just a phase - you may be suffering from burnout. Unfortunately, burnout is becoming a common occurrence and it can take a toll on your physical and mental health. In this eBook, we talked to over 80 different founders, CEOs and entrepreneurs to find out what they do to prevent burnout.

The Ultimate Guide to Remote Team Productivity in 2019

Remote work is on the rise all over the world. Every year, more and more companies and employees decide to leave the office and work when and where they perform at their best. There are many benefits to remote work, but there are unique challenges as well. One of the most prominent is the issue of productivity in remote environments. Today, we'll show you how to improve your productivity.

Get Notified on Slack for your CloudWatch/Lambda Error Logs: The Sigma Way

Slack is already the de-facto “channel” for team collaboration as well as low-to-moderate scale event monitoring and notifications. When we started working on the world’s first serverless MFT platform, we decided we should go down the Slack path for first-level monitoring; similar to how we already do it efficiently with our conventional AS2 Gateway.

Intro to Skills | Slack Integration

Atomist has a powerful Slack integration to help your team leverage the power of ChatOps. The Slack integration installs the Atomist Bot into your Slack workspace, allowing Atomist to send messages and receive commands in Slack. In this video, we'll walk you through enabling the Atomist Slack integration, and then we'll show you how to link Slack channels to your code repositories, effectively. By the end, you'll be ready to configure your first automation.

How to get your data into Slack

Slack has been highly popular in professional circles since it was founded in 2009, so much so that the communication app has become a verb. In the past few years it’s become ubiquitous, especially in recent times with the various lockdowns and teams going remote. If Slack’s where important conversations happen, and where your team now hangs out, it also makes sense that it’s where you share your data.


How Modern Innovations Revolutionise Digital Workplace

The modern-day workplace has changed so much over the last ten years, and with every year that passes now, it seems as though these changes are becoming more and more drastic. We’re solidly beginning to say goodbye to the usual 9-5 routine for good, and penned office floors are being replaced with coworking spaces and the comfort of cafes and our own homes.