Broadridge Financial uses Mattermost for secure enterprise-grade DevOps collaboration

After moving to Mattermost, a major financial services firm was able to increase developer productivity and organizational alignment without compromising on security. For years, the firm had been relying on a well-known instant messaging application for enterprise communication. Not only was the platform nearing its end-of-life, it fell short elsewhere for several reasons: conversations were slow, chat histories weren’t always persistent and compliance was difficult to achieve.


Mattermost Joins Google’s Inaugural Season of Docs Program

At Mattermost, we believe in the power of open source software and open companies. To this end, we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve been accepted into Google’s inaugural Season of Docs, a new program designed to highlight the promise of open source technology while raising awareness of the critical role docs and the technical writers who create them play in the success of open source projects.


Introducing Mattermost Academy: Our Free Online Training Program

At Mattermost, we built an intuitive workplace messaging platform that all kinds of teams can use productively right away, regardless of technical prowess. That said, we understand that learning new platforms isn’t always the easiest thing in the world. Some Mattermost users will have longer learning curves than others, and that’s perfectly okay. We all march at different speeds.


Using the OneDesk messenger application to offer live chat-based support

With the latest release of OneDesk we now offer a built-in chat application that allows you to offer real-time support to your customers. This is released in beta so please go ahead and use it, but don’t forget to give us your feedback. Once you put the customer apps on your website, you can now chat with your visitors directly from within OneDesk.


Developer’s Alternative to Slack

Mattermost and Slack are tools that increase team productivity through workplace messaging. Both platforms help companies communicate faster, solve problems in less time, and bring new employees up to speed quickly. For many privacy-conscious organizations that have global teams, strict security requirements, or a team of developers that is continuously looking for ways to accelerate workflows, Slack falls flat.


PagerDuty’s Slack Integration Makes Real-Time Ops Even Easier

This week, Slack users from around the world will converge along the San Francisco waterfront for the 2019 Slack Frontiers event. Teams of all types and sizes will attend customer and product sessions geared toward helping teams improve and take their ChatOps to the next level. Are you attending Slack Frontiers this week? If yes, swing by the PagerDuty booth to say hello and see our Slack app in action!


Why we love customer reviews at Mattermost

If you’re like most people, you consult customer reviews before choosing whether to buy something online. Reviews help us make better decisions since they provide insight into how real-world customers experience a company’s products or services. Instead of being told what a company wants you to hear, you get to hear what’s what directly from actual users. We love customer reviews at Mattermost.