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Are dashboards dead? Not quite. They just haven't evolved

In discussions across the tech and data communities in recent years, a provocative idea has been gaining traction: the notion that dashboards are dead. The first time I came across this was in the article by Taylor Brownlow of the same name, "Dashboards are Dead". A worthwhile read. The article suggests that dashboards, as we known them, no longer serve the needs of modern data-driven organizations. Not through their own fault as such, more through misuse or over-asking.

Introducing our Terraform provider: Dashboards as Code

Ever wished you could automatically generate a detailed and targeted dashboard at the end of your CI/CD pipeline for immediate visibility into your new deployments? Well, that’s exactly what we’re doing at SquaredUp, and we're excited to share our approach to integrating Dashboards as Code.

SQUPCAST Ep. 4: SaaSy security chat with the CTO

"I promise we can make this fun", said nobody ever when talking about security. But we're damn well going to try! Our CTO, Richard Jones, joins us on this episode to answer all those burning questions that your security teams need to ask whenever you're looking at a new SaaS tool for your stack.