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The Power of Amazon: Why You Should Be Selling on the Platform

As the e-commerce world grows, more people are resorting to the Internet for their purchasing needs. This creates a massive opportunity for online sellers to boost their sales while expanding their reach. Amazon is the go-to platform, providing an excellent opportunity to connect with buyers worldwide. It offers many perks, and this article looks at some of the key reasons to be on the platform selling.

Cisco AppDynamics for SAP in retail

In this video, Matt Schuetze discusses the challenges retailers face during peak sales periods, along with shifting consumer behaviors. Their SAP systems must manage a wide gap between the highest stresses during peak times and the regular loads during off-peak seasons, exposing retailers to poor customer experience outcomes. He expands on how using AppDynamics for SAP to monitor, manage, and respond to these challenges in real-time help retailers protect their customers’ experience and support their ongoing pursuit of competitive edge.

Optimizing the Retail Returns Process

January often means the longest lines in the retail store are for returns. And, maybe ironically, those returns are regularly processed at the Customer Service desk. That right there — that’s an annual challenge. Consumers entering a store to make a return or exchange are already feeling inconvenienced. They bought or received an item they can’t use, and they’re at the store to resolve that problem.

The Art and Science of Forecasting in Retail and CPG

With growing eCommerce channels and increased online shopping behavior, omnichannel retailers are grappling with the increased complexity brought on, in part, by current events, but more so the anticipated need to combine online and in-store merchandising, especially for the “new normal.” Siloed decisions around allocation, promotions, in-season pricing, inventory transfers, and fulfillment will fail to deliver the expected margin performance unless they address the interconnectedness of onlin

Exploring Observability's Role in Retail & E-Commerce

For retailers and ecommerce store owners, your bottom line is always affected whenever your service is down, due to today's consumers expecting their digital interactions to operate around the clock. This is particularly crucial during spikes in traffic due to sales, like Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

5 Tips For Consumers To Shop Safely This Black Friday

While it makes for bleak reading, the frenzy of sales and online shopping activity surrounding Black Friday, means this pre-holiday season is a key period for cybercriminals. And each year we see an increase in cyberattacks during what should be a feel-good time. With more consumers expected to be shopping online this year, the opportunity for fraudulent behaviour is rife. But that doesn’t mean we have to surrender to the risks of poor website security.

Why digital experiences will make or break the holiday season for retailers in 2023

Survey results reveal online shopping is set to soar over the holiday season and retailers must ensure their applications are ready. Research published today by Cisco AppDynamics reveals that consumers around the world are planning to do more of their holiday season shopping online than ever before this year. On average, consumers expect that 59% of their spending on key shopping dates such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday will be online this year versus in-store, compared to 53% last year.