ghost inspector

Automated UI Testing for WordPress

Many websites and even applications online are built on top of a CMS. According to recent survey data, WordPress has a 60% market share, making it the most popular CMS by far. The next closest competitor, Joomla, has only 5.2%! But unlike bespoke software, many people don’t test their WordPress website. While the core of WordPress is fairly well tested by it’s creators, users, and the open source community, the same cannot be said for every plugin and theme.

ghost inspector

Develop a WordPress Plugin Using Webpack and React

Ghost Inspector is an automated browser testing tool for continuously monitoring websites. We recently released our WordPress plugin to show test results inside your WordPress admin dashboard. In this tutorial, you will learn how to build your own plugin using React, Webpack, and the Ghost Inspector API. You can view the final source code on GitHub.


Shifting Your Security Testing Left

Recently, SmartBear presented “Shifting Your Security Testing Left: How Your Development Team Can Take Part in API Security.” As teams are challenged with creating and releasing software faster than ever, the conversation often turns to shifting left in testing . However, while the overall quality of an application is a worthy reason to include testing sooner in the software development life cycle, security is another issue that demands our attention -- and it's often overlooked.

api fortress

API Fortress for Mulesoft Customers

Test your Mule APIs with API Fortress to reduce risk during digital transformation, while also accelerating delivery times. Mulesoft has long been recognized as a leader in API service integration. Enterprises choose Mulesoft to connect and orchestrate legacy systems, cloud services, and APIs on a single platform. API Fortress is an official Mulesoft partner, and provides Mule customers with a complete testing suite to guarantee APIs are delivered as designed and without bugs.

ghost inspector

Ghost Inspector's New WordPress Plugin

Ghost Inspector is an automated browser testing tool for continously monitoring websites. Many of those websites run on WordPress. After lots of demand from our users, we've built a plugin to show your Ghost Inspector test results right inside your WordPress admin panel. The plugin enables you to display the latest test results for a single suite on the dashboard of any self-hosted WordPress installation. Keep reading to learn how to install and setup the plugin.