Unit testing mmctl commands

Mattermost is starting a new open source campaign, this time around increasing the unit test coverage for the mmctl tool. The mmctl tool is a CLI application that mimics the commands and features of the current Mattermost CLI tool and uses the Mattermost REST API to communicate with the server. Using the tool, you can control and manage several Mattermost servers without having to access the specific machine on which the server is running.


Checklist of Load Testing Best Practices

You may have a mixed track record when it comes to personal New Year resolutions, but they're a great way to jumpstart the initiatives that you've always wanted to implement at work. Load testing is an often neglected corner of software development that's becoming increasingly important in today's high-performance world, which makes it the perfect candidate for ambitious changes.

api fortress

API Fortress Releases Mass Functional Test Generation for API Testing and Monitoring

New York, NY — January 20, 2020 — API Fortress, the leader in functional uptime monitoring and collaborative API testing, announces Mass Functional Test Generation. For the first time, engineers, architects, and QAs can import OpenAPI or Swagger spec files and have a large number of functional tests generated for them. The current beta release of Mass Functional Test Generation will become a generally available release on January 31, 2020.


The Keys for Successful Continuous Testing in DevOps

In 2020, businesses continue to take on digital transformation – moving more toward cloud storage and computing as well as adopting more of a DevOps mindset. As more teams practice DevOps and build out resilient CI/CD pipelines, they’re finding out that faster software development and delivery can act as a competitive differentiator in business.

api fortress

Security Testing with API Fortress

As we write in our blog, 95% of API Breaches are Caused By This, most security vulnerabilities in your API are related to “functional errors” or “human errors.” The actual act of hacking is rarely involved in most of the major API breaches you’ve seen or read about in our blog. What is important to note is that there are functional tests that can help you capture some of those vulnerabilities before they are pushed live.


Extend Your Test Environments with Katalon and TestingBot Integration

We’re excited to roll out our new integration between Katalon Studio and TestingBot. This integration plugin allows you to easily create and manage tests in Katalon Studio and extend your test coverage with more than 2,000 browsers and devices from TestingBot. This plugin is available for free download on Katalon Store. You can easily configure your credentials and choices of browsers and devices and take advantage of the TestingBot Selenium and Appium grid.