Veracode State of Software Security Vol. 11

Veracode, the largest global provider of application security testing (AST) solutions, announced the State of Software Security (SOSS) Volume 11 revealing 76% of applications contain at least one security flaw and fixing those flaws typically takes months. This year’s analysis of 130,000 applications found that it takes about six months for teams to close half the security flaws they find. Watch as Veracode's Chris Eng and Tim Jarrett break down the key findings from SOSS 11, with specifics on what's within developers' control as they seek to improve the security of their applications.

OctoPerf V12 - Scheduler, Slack Integration and UI Upgrade

It’s been some time since our latest major release, in fact OctoPerf v12 is probably our biggest/longest coming release to date. There’s of course been a couple of minor versions this summer and we’ll also cover them but first let’s focus on the new killer features: the scheduler, alerting through slack/mail and a better UI for the menus. The scheduler is the first item left on our original roadmap (back when OctoPerf was still called jellly.io).


#NeotysPAC - Automate Test Analysis with a Custom Keptn SLI Provider

Keptn is an event-driven open source project that orchestrates the process of artifact or configuration change delivery, functional or performance testing, deployment & test validation, artifact & change promotion as well as auto-remediation. One of the most popular automation processes is around deployment and test validation through Keptn’s SLI/SLO-based Quality Gate capability.

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1 Simple Trick To Massively Improve Automation Efficiency

Automated UI testing is a daily struggle for efficiency and reliability. A single misconfigured line of code can cost teams in hours of lost feedback time and test error triaging—potentially costing companies hundreds of thousands of dollars. In this case study we will see how interactions with only two web elements led to a 34% degradation in the test execution time.

How to Introduce Test Automation Practice in a Legacy Financial Company

Doing the turnaround from legacy testing to modern test automation might be a struggle. Specifically in a financial organization, where habits and process may be very present. How does a team start from zero, when you are a project in a middle of many others? In this dual presentation by the QA lead of the team and the lead of the expert coaching group, you will discover how a team at National Bank of Canada made the change to a mature practice of test automation.