Back by Popular Demand: Why Dell ISG's DevOps Embraces Collaborator

Dell’s ISG division consists of storage, servers and networking, cloud solutions, data protection, and converged/hyper converged infrastructure. With over 50 product groups and over 10k employees, standardization was a barrier to achieving true workforce collaboration and mobility. In order to reduce duplication of effort and increase alignment and collaboration, Dell-ISG created a centralized DevOps group and chose Collaborator as their single code and peer review tool.

7 ways to invest in and manage quality freelancers

Previously, hiring a freelancer was seen as a temporary solution for missing talent or gaps in a full time team. However, in today’s global economy, the remote worker has become a major player who brings constant value. The freelance market has grown enormously in the past two years. Statista projects 86.5 million people will be freelancing in the U.S. by 2027, making up 50% of the total U.S.workforce.

Test Reporting with Katalon TestOps - Act on Insights, Deliver with Quality.

TestOps is the leading test orchestration and reporting platform that puts messy test results into a full image on quality. With flexibile integrations popular frameworks like Selenium and Jest, let TestOps be an inseparable companion to enable rapid feedback loops and quality consistencies for your team.

Automated Form Filling in 4 Steps | No Coding Skills Required

For almost every website or web application you visit, web forms are the most popular method to collect information. Nowadays, most companies continue to rely on out-of-fashion CRM (customer relationship management) and ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems. Unfortunately, these do not allow users to import data with numerous variables into the portal, leaving employees with only one option – manually entering thousands of data entries one by one.


How to use Selenium IDE with Ghost Inspector

Selenium IDE is a popular open-source tool for recording and running automated browser tests. You can use it to interact with a browser the way a human would, doing things like navigating to URLs, filling in forms, and clicking on links and buttons. You can also use “assertions” to verify things are working as expected, like checking that elements are present, text is present, inputs contain certain values, et cetera.


Codeless Testing: When is Testsigma recommended tool for you

The software industry is undergoing numerous changes with the growth and advancement in technology and the emergence of Agile and DevOps. Software testing has slowly transitioned from manual testing to record-and-playback testing to automated testing, and now codeless testing is disrupting the software testing approach in the industry. The codeless automated testing involves the execution of automated testing without using any script.


Best automation testing tools for web and mobile

Times have surely changed — we’ve all moved on from TVs to mobile phones and laptops to consume various forms of content. As per Data Reportal, there are over 5.27 billion mobile users globally, and this data also reports that the number of users is increasing by 1.9% per year; the internet users are increasing at an annual growth of 7½%, especially in the developing countries.


How to ensure data integrity with analytics testing

Data collections and analysis is critical to ongoing business operations, but maintaining data integrity is an often overlooked problem. Ensuring data integrity is not only a consumer trust issue, but is often also mandated by legal regulations. Without accurate data, business leaders could make decisions that are slightly (or majorly) misguided.

Getting Started with Accessibility Testing in Sauce Labs (Deque axe Integration)

Watch this video to learn how Sauce Labs and Deque axe integration allows developers and testers to easily integrate accessibility testing into their quality processes and provides increased visibility into accessibility signals for browser-based accessibility testing.