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Troubleshooting Databricks

The popularity of Databricks is rocketing skyward, and it is now the leading multi-cloud platform for Spark and analytics workloads, offering fully managed Spark clusters in the cloud. Databricks is fast and organizations generally refactor their applications when moving them to Databricks. The result is strong performance. However, as usage of Databricks grows, so does the importance of reliability for Databricks jobs - especially big data jobs such as Spark workloads. But information you need for troubleshooting is scattered across multiple, voluminous log files.

Operating Apache Kafka with Cruise Control

There are two big gaps in the Apache Kafka project when we think of operating a cluster. The first is monitoring the cluster efficiently and the second is managing failures and changes in the cluster. There are no solutions for these inside the Kafka project but there are many good 3rd party tools for both problems. Cruise Control is one of the earliest open source tools to provide a solution for the failure management problem but lately for the monitoring problem as well.


Enabling Multi-User Fine-Grained Access Control for Cloud Storage in CDP

Shared Data Experience (SDX) on Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) enables centralized data access control and audit for workloads in the Enterprise Data Cloud. The public cloud (CDP-PC) editions default to using cloud storage (S3 for AWS, ADLS-gen2 for Azure). This introduces new challenges around managing data access across teams and individual users. To solve these challenges for S3 and ADLS-gen2, Cloudera has introduced a new service — the Ranger Authorization Service (RAZ).

Streaming Analytics with SQL Stream Builder

SQL Stream Builder, part of Cloudera Streaming Analytics, allows developers, analysts, and data scientists to write streaming applications using industry-standard SQL. It provides an interactive experience, so the development process is quick, easy, and productive while taking advantage of Apache Flink’s streaming power. It provides an advanced materialized view engine to interface with applications, tooling, and services via REST API.

Ad agencies choose BigQuery to drive campaign performance

Advertising agencies are faced with the challenge of providing the precision data that marketers require to make better decisions at a time when customers’ digital footprints are rapidly changing. They need to transform customer information and real-time data into actionable insights to inform clients what to execute to ensure the highest campaign performance.