The Yellowfin product roadmap into 2020

The last 12 months have been tremendous for Yellowfin. We’ve introduced Signals, Stories, a new dashboard build, mobile app and many new improvements to the platform. There is no one else in the market that brings together all of these types of products and it means we’re diverging from our competitors. Our competitors think far more about the analytical experience, while we care about the data consumer and build products for them.


Want to Build a Responsive and Intelligent Data Pipeline? Focus on Lifecycle

Today, enterprises need to collect and analyze more and more data to drive greater business insight and improve customer experiences. To process this data, technology stacks have evolved to include cloud data warehouses and data lakes, big data processing, serverless computing, containers, machine learning, and more.


Conquering hybrid and multi-cloud with big data fabric

Though they may disagree on the exact percentages and splits now and in the future, analysts very much agree that hybrid and multi-cloud adoption is rising across enterprises. It’s no surprise: compared to traditional on-premises systems and applications, cloud, public or private, has tremendous benefits around ease-of-use, flexibility, agility and scalability as well as the potential for cost savings.


AutoML - What is it Good For?

The present state of anticipation and promise of AutoML is best captured by this quote from Issey Miyake, a famous Japanese fashion designer. Issey, who blended technology in fashion design, was also known for the signature black turtlenecks worn by Steve Jobs. Today, AutoML is the unknown, the mysterious and is made to look beautiful via jazzy UIs of some proprietary tools in the market.


5 best practices to innovate at speed in the Cloud: Tip #5 Accelerate data delivery to third party applications and teams through APIs

Billions of times each day, application programming interfaces (APIs) facilitate the transfer of data between people and systems, serving as the fabric that connects businesses with customers, suppliers, and employees. Having the right API strategy in place can make the difference between success and failure when it comes to utilizing APIs to deliver results, reduce response times, and improving process efficiency.


Q&A - The Next Generation Data Platform for Financial Crime

An Interview with Dr Richard Harmon, Managing Director, Financial Services, Cloudera Financial Crime is one of the biggest costs for financial institutions with recent research by Refinitiv indicating that global financial services (FS) organisations lost more than $1.4 trillion in 2018. Another Refinitiv report indicates that 97% of FS institutions believe that technology can significantly help with financial crime prevention.


Are your business and data strategies driving your cloud strategy?

Digital capabilities and the availability of new data sources are impacting how businesses are designing and evolving business processes in the connected world. Cloud is top of mind for many organizations today. Many are leveraging Cloud as the ‘easy button’ to quickly get started and to help with digital transformation and/or challenges/constraints with existing IT operations.