Welcome and Introduction to DataOps.NEXT

DataOps matters, especially in today’s uncertain times. Data management and analytics are crucial to respond faster and drive results for your business, your customers and society. That’s why we built DataOps.NEXT to help you get from now to what’s next, with data. We’ll bring out Dr. Jennifer Hall, the chief of data science for American Heart Association (AHA) to discuss how Hitachi Vantara and AHA have worked together to support research for COVID-19. Tune in for Pedro Alves, Hitachi Vantara’s head of product design and designated “Community Guy.” He’ll provide our vision and strategy for DataOps, including an update on Pentaho Open Source and Enterprise Edition

Sifting Through COVID-19 Research With Qlik and Machine Learning

Research on COVID-19 is being produced at an accelerating rate, and machine intelligence could be crucial in helping the medical community find key information and insights. When I came across the COVID-19 Open Research Dataset (CORD-19), it contained about 57,000 scholarly articles. Just one month later, it has over 158,000 articles. If the clues to fighting COVID-19 lie in this vast repository of knowledge, how can Qlik help?


Building a genomics analysis architecture with Hail, BigQuery, and Dataproc

We hear from our users in the scientific community that having the right technology foundation is essential. The ability to very quickly create entire clusters of genomics processing, where billing can be stopped once you have the results you need, is a powerful tool. It empowers the scientific community to spend more time doing their research and less time fighting for on-prem cluster time and configuring software.


Are you prepared to mature to 'ready-made' data management?

When it comes to furnishing our living spaces, it seems we go through phases. When I was just setting out and leaving home, IKEA was my preferred furniture store. You make your choice, collect all the flat-pack boxes, lug them home, and after some hex key gymnastics: voilà. You’ve truly made it! Since then, I’ve drifted from the “some assembly required” phase to the “ready-made” one.

How to deliver exceptional CX with embedded data analytics

Your customers are surrounded by data all the time, gaining a range of experiences looking for insights to fuel their decision making. You can guarantee that each application they interact with will have a varying degree of sophistication in how they use and interpret data. It’s tough in the market, right now you need to retain your customers and take essential market share within your space. You might have less time to innovate your product right now as you focus on your core offering.