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Deadman Alerts with Grafana and InfluxDB Cloud 3.0

Flagging failures or inactivity in your monitoring system are crucial for maintaining operational reliability. This blog will guide you through setting up deadman alerts using Grafana and InfluxDB Cloud, tools that help you detect issues before they become critical. We’llintegrating Grafana’s visualization capabilities with InfluxDB Cloud’s data management features to create a robust monitoring system.

Executive Assistant Services: Transforming Business Operations with Expert Support

In the fast-paced world of business, time is a precious commodity. Executives and business leaders often find themselves bogged down with administrative tasks that detract from their strategic responsibilities. This is where executive assistant services come into play. By providing expert support, these services transform business operations, allowing leaders to focus on growth and innovation.

SaaS and Microsoft 365 Service Level Agreement Credit Recovery

In this article, we will be covering Service-Level Agreement (SLA) credits and the general steps Software-as-a-Service customers must take to recover them. We’ll also go over the typical information required by SaaS vendors, how to collect this information, and how CloudReady synthetics can expedite the SLA credit recovery process. SLA credits are a type of compensation to customers by service providers when service providers fail to achieve the agreed-upon service levels.

Migrating From Your Tool to Squadcast

In our recent blog we talked about how having separate tools for On-Call and for alerting sucks! And how Squadcast offers a lifeline with its all-in-one Incident Management and Reliability Automation platform by amalgamating multiple tool functionality under a single hood. This blog is all about how you can easily transition from your current Incident Management & alerting tool into a better and more reliable enterprise grade platform with Squadcast.

Healing Bots Take Charge of Solving IT Problems to Enhance Employee Satisfaction

Imagine an Everywhere Work environment in which IT problems seem to magically resolve themselves before end users even realize there were issues. Printers miraculously start working again. Login issues vanish. Access to critical applications is seamless.

Metrics IDPs move: How to measure the impact of your Internal Developer Portal

Internal Developer Portals (IDPs) have increasingly found their way to the center of engineering operations. As the new engineering system of record, IDPs make it possible to align and enforce standards while unlocking safe developer self-service. Of course, oft-cited benefits like removing friction and improving consistency might feel intangible or even duplicative to other tools in your stack. So how should engineering leaders think about evaluating IDPs?

6 Steps to Create Actionable Postmortems

In DevOps and IT operations, conducting a thorough postmortem after an incident is crucial for continuous improvement. This article explores best practices for creating effective postmortems, ensuring that your incident analysis won't be forgotten as soon as the danger has passed but will be comprehensive and actionable.

Google VPS Pricing Explained: A 2024 Guide

Organizations are turning to Virtual Private Servers (VPS) for scalable and cost-effective hosting solutions. Google offers a robust VPS option tailored to various organizational needs. Understanding Google VPS pricing can help you make informed decisions and optimize your cloud costs. This guide will explain Google VPS pricing, explore its uses, and provide tips for optimizing these costs with CloudZero.