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We studied how the pandemic has affected ITSM-here are the results

As the world moves towards the “new normal” on account of the pandemic, numerous adjustments and recalibrations have been made in all aspects of our lives, including the organizations we are part of. As businesses base their operations on a dispersed workforce beyond the corporate perimeter, IT teams have been the ones largely enabling this successful migration to home workspaces and further sustaining the remote network to foster productivity.


Google Cloud named a Leader in the 2020 Forrester Wave for API Management Solutions

APIs are a critical component of any enterprise’s digital transformation strategy. They can drive customer engagement, accelerate time to market of new services, power innovation and unlock new business opportunities. Therefore, choosing the right API management platform is critical to running a successful API program, and research from industry analyst firms like Forrester Research can help enterprises evaluate and choose the right solution.


Circonus Launches Improved Metrics Explorer

We originally built the Metrics Explorer to help customers find and view their metrics within the platform. Once surfaced, metrics can be used to create graphs and set up associated rules and alerts. Despite well-intentioned efforts, customer usage and feedback indicated issues with the Metrics Explorer’s usability. For this reason, we recently embarked on completely refactoring it. We think you’ll enjoy the story — and the outcome.


How to Use the New Sumo Logic Terraform Provider for Hosted Collectors

Automation is a key component in the management of the entire software release lifecycle. While we know it is critical to the Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery process, it is now becoming equally essential to the underlying infrastructure you depend on. As automation has increased, a new principle for managing infrastructure has emerged to prevent environment drift and ensure your infrastructure is consistently and reliably provisioned.


Live From Black Hat: Stress-Testing Democracy - Election Integrity During a Global Pandemic with Matt Blaze

Technology and elections are heavily interrelated – but it wasn’t always that way. We started to adopt technology once we weren’t able to fit everyone into a town hall. The first piece of technology was simply a piece of paper and a ballot box. We may not think of it as technology, but the ballot box can be tampered with. That technology gave us ballot secrecy, a trait that a hand-raise in the town hall didn’t.


Ansible StackStorm role v2.0.0 released

We’re very excited to announce that Ansible roles to deploy StackStorm have been promoted to new major version 2.0.0! There has been a lot of activity recently on the ansible-st2 repository, with 4 releases in the last couple of months. Ansible can now be used to deploy StackStorm on more modern operating systems and with newer third-party applications.


Exporters and Target Labels

When monitoring third-party applications with Prometheus, you’ll need an exporter if the application doesn’t already expose metrics in the appropriate format. How do you find an appropriate exporter, and once you have your exporters, how should you organize your label taxonomies to reflect your infrastructure? Many applications in the systems you’re in charge of will be third-party applications, which do not natively expose Prometheus-formatted metrics.