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How to Get Started on a Remote Business with No Investment

Pretty much everyone dreams of becoming their own boss at one point or another. Considering how much business is done online these days, there’s no reason that you can’t finally achieve this dream even if you don’t have any outside money coming in. There’s a good chance that you can build a remote business without any existing income.


How Asana Uses Asana: Boosting personal productivity

You might think that after using Asana all day long at work, we revel in the opportunity to unplug from the platform during our free time. But Asana doesn’t just help us manage our work at the office, many of us use it for our own personal projects, errands, and goals too. Check out how seven Asanas are realizing major efficiency and happiness gains by using Asana for everything from marathon training to planning a family vacation.


How Asana uses Asana: Tips for designing standout creative

Asana loves creative teams, and creative teams love Asana! It probably won’t surprise you to learn that our designers manage all of their creative work in Asana. Together, this lean team of 10 completes more than 70 projects a month for teammates across product marketing, sales, internal branding, and events. How do they deliver standout creative work, at volume, so successfully? There are lots of ways, but we’ve compiled their top six favorite features and tips below.

Team Building: The Ultimate Guide to Activities, Strategies, and Skill Development

Few ideas have generated as much intrigue among business owners, managers, and HR professionals as team building has in recent years. While it may sound like an excuse to goof off at work, team building activities and exercises are designed to improve employee relationships, increase productivity, and develop a unified, positive company culture.

Custom fields: Your secret weapon for tracking work of all kinds

Since launching custom fields in Asana, we’ve been amazed by all the unique ways our customers have used this feature to track work more effectively. From marketing new lipstick colors to bringing products to market 3X faster, custom fields make it easy to identify and track the details that are most critical to your team’s work.


Coming soon: Teamwork Desk 2.0

We’re delighted to officially announce the upcoming release of Teamwork Desk 2.0: the cleaner, more modern user interface for Teamwork Desk that has been designed to improve you and your team’s experience and bring a new level of clarity to your workday. The design refresh is focused on improving the look and feel so you’ll still get the same great features and functionality of Teamwork Desk — but we do have a few tricks up our sleeve.


Version Update: Quoted vs Actual In Project View And More

There’s always a lot to do, so we try our hardest to juggle multiple objectives at once. While multitasking is proven to be unproductive, keeping several projects effortlessly on track is possible with the right tools in your possession. A project’s success depends on acting on the right data at the right time – with Scoro’s July update, we’re giving you every little piece of information you need to become a true project hero.