Project Management


Everything I learned about leadership when I went from developer to product lead

In the last few posts, I’ve talked a lot about managing people and process. But a lot of the things I’ve learned are about the team lead role itself: things like how to find a balance between representing your team and representing your higher-ups, what to expect day-to-day — and why there’s no one right answer to any of this.


How Asana uses Asana: Building a repeatable event planning process

I recently led Asana’s first annual business kickoff (BKO), a two-day global gathering featuring main stage keynotes, breakout sessions, customer panels, and streaming videos—anchored by a few surprises and delights for our employees. As you can imagine, the task at hand had lots of moving parts with many internal and external stakeholders. How did I make sure that people knew what to prioritize, stay within our budget and timeline, and produce a flawless event? By using Asana, of course!

time doctor

How To Setup and Build an SEO Team

At Time Doctor, our best (and favorite) marketing channel is content focused SEO. A few years ago, we had noticed that the majority of our signups and traffic came from a few keywords. So, we went all in. The result? At the time of this writing, our website, receives over 200,000 visitors per month and over 8,000 signups per month.


How to Get the Most Out of Your Free Trial? [Step-by-step Guide]

We are always working tirelessly to improve the initial user experience for all our prospective clients and take our trial site to a whole new level. Having put so much effort into creating the best possible experience, we want every person to get the most out of their 14-day free trial period. This 5-minute read will guide you through 8 steps that will lead to the most optimal experience and hopefully much clearer mind in the decision phase.