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How to create an effective website project plan

Developing a website is sometimes a lengthy, complicated, and expensive process. But with a well-thought-out website project plan, it doesn’t need to be. If you’ve decided to launch a new website, or you’re redesigning your current one, trying to organize everything can be difficult. You may already be very busy, which can make finding time for a new project extra hard. A website project plan will help you manage your time and make sure you stay on track to hit your targets.


How to make virtual meetings count with Asana's Meeting Manifesto

Whether we’d like to admit it or not, meetings are a fact of work life. When conducted consciously, they can be a highly effective tool for sharing ideas or making decisions. Unfortunately too many of us have experienced “bad” meetings, the kind that turn into a laundry list of status updates rather than a productive meeting of the minds. So what’s a team to do when the best way for them to align is to meet in real time?


Scoro Adds Spanish to Its Business Management Platform

With the growing popularity of our business management software in Spanish-speaking countries, we’re delighted to announce that Scoro’s platform is now also available in Spanish. We value our Spanish-speaking customers who’ve been using Scoro in English to date, and this change will further enhance the user experience for both current and new Spanish-speaking customers.


How to thrive in the next normal of distributed work

Some companies are struggling to keep up with our new normal. Research from Asana reveals nearly half of employees surveyed globally said company-wide goals had been deprioritised since remote working began, with 47 per cent saying those goals have changed at least once during that time – and 60 per cent haven’t increased communication on such issues. “I think the current new normal is coping,” says Alex Hood, CPO of Asana. “The next normal is thriving.”

time doctor

How to Avoid Overworking Your Employees (Tips + Tools)

Are you searching for solutions to prevent overworking employees at your organization? It’s no secret that having overworked employees is usually an indicator of your poor organizational performance. Unfortunately, many companies tend to overlook the problem of overworking until it’s too late and has caused employee burnout. So how do you spot the warning signs of overworking in your organization before it’s too late?


Asana tips: How to get from request to deliverable, fast

Read this article in French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, or Japanese If your team has a work intake process, then you know how challenging it can be to manage requests in a timely, effective, and headache-free manner. In addition to making sure you get all of the information you need to complete the request, you also want to make sure every ask gets handled in the right order, and that no task gets lost in the shuffle. Luckily, there’s a better way.


Best Planning Tools for Students

Whether you’re a freshman just getting started in student life, or a senior preparing to enter the workforce in a few months, it’s never too early to begin honing your time-management skills. Trust us, as a team who frequently hires new software developers right out of school, having a foundational understanding of project management can go a long way.


Add Your Bitrix24 Website to Google

After you create a website in Bitrix24.Sites, the very next step is to make it reachable and searchable by your potential audience and clients. People often search for information, goods and services in different search engines such a Google. You can use Google Search Console to index any website created in Bitrix24.Sites. The website indexation in Google Search Console gives a lot fo benefits to further website visibility and optimization in Google search results.