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10 Outsourcing Statistics Every Organization Should Know

The business world is continually growing, competition is thriving, and it takes hard work and strategy to come out on top. One popular way organizations stay competitive in the business world is to outsource. Outsourcing is an exceptional way to find top talent at affordable rates. And, when you’re able to effectively tighten your purse strings, without suffering quality of work, why wouldn’t you outsource? However, there’s more to outsourcing than meets the eye.


Introducing the new Dashboard builder

In last week’s post, we introduced you to the new Home section and highlighted a few ways you can customize it to help you be more focused and productive. This week, we’re taking a closer look into our newly-designed Dashboard feature and how it can help your team. We’ll be rolling out the new Dashboard builder to all users from September 19th, but you can enable it sooner by going to your Settings and switching it on in the Beta program section.


Teamwork Projects: A deep dive into your New Home area

We recently announced that we will be rolling out our new Home area and Dashboards feature to all our customers from the 19th of September. (Don’t want to wait that long? You can enable it sooner by going to your Settings and switching it on in the Beta program section.) Today we’re going to look at how the new Home area makes it even easier to focus on the things that matter to you, helping you to be more effective, efficient, and productive.


Send Slack messages straight to Scoro with Zapier's new Slack Trigger

We all know the feeling when someone sends you a message on Slack that clearly should have been a task at Scoro. It sits there, craving for your attention, and you have two options: to drop what you were working on and tackle the task right away or potentially forget it until you’re reminded of it.

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30 Call Center Statistics and 10 Metrics To Track In 2019

Keeping track of call center statistics and metrics is key to improving your productivity, profitability and customer satisfaction. In this article, we’ll give you tons of customer service statistics about contact centers and how they’re changing in 2019. We’ll also cover all the metrics you need to track to ensure that your call center management runs smoothly. We’ll show you how each KPI can affect your service experience and what you need to do to remain productive.


Samepage named #1 Team Collaboration Platform by Info-Tech Research

When you think of industry analysis and research, what do you think of? Magic Quadrants, pay-to-play analyst meetings, reviews that feel like big corporate spenders have their thumbs on the scale? Yeah, us too. That's why we focus on earning our 5-star rating on sites like Capterra, where recognition is earned the good old-fashioned way - through the hearts and minds of our customers. We don't spend much time pitching ourselves to research houses.

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Process Documentation Best Practices (And Why You'll Fail Without It)

Managing larger teams is harder now than ever before. It’s not just you. It really is harder than it was before. Of course, it was never easy, but in the beginning it was just you and you spent your time trying to solve business problems. Eventually, you hired some help to take some of the simple tasks off your hands and you moved faster. But now you have even more help and you’re not moving as fast. You’re spending more time handling internal issues instead of growing your business.