What is Cyber Hacktivism?

We all know about hacking and hackers, but what about hacktivism and hacktivists? In this article, we will discuss what hacktivism is and how it can affect your organization. Hackers and the act of hacking found their way into mainstream long ago, with the help of high budget films and our increasing use of technology in almost every aspect of our lives. That is why almost everyone knows what hacking is and who a hacker is.


7 Ways To Tell If Your Website Has Been Hacked

In this day in age, businesses rely heavily upon their website as a means of driving sales and reaching customers. It is usually the first point of contact between a potential customer and the business, and thus, it commands a level of investment. Because of this, it can be frustrating and upsetting to have one’s web page hacked and rendered useless.


Undetected e.02 recap: Fredrik N. Almroth - Bug Bounties

Bug bounties – some argue that this is one of the buzzwords of the decade in the cybersecurity industry. Whatever you want to label it, it’s a trend that we can’t ignore these days. A lot of companies are taking part in it, so what’s it all about? There were many valuable soundbites to take from this, and especially from podcast guest, Fredrik N. Almroth (@almroot) because he’s hacked all the tech giants and more. If you can name it, he’s probably hacked it.

Undetected E02, Fredrik Almroth - Are Bug Bounties a buzzword?

One could argue that bug bounties are a buzzword in security today, but what are they and what are they good for? In this episode, Laura is joined by the talented security researcher and detectify co-founder Fredrik N. Almroth (@almroot on twitter). If you can name it, Fredrik has probably hacked them including companies like Facebook, Tesla, Dropbox and Uber. Tune in for a dive deep into Fredrik's past as a bug bounty hunter and discuss how both companies and bug bounty hunters can get started in the field of Crowdsourced Security, as well as where the bug bounty industry is headed.

Undetected podcast e.01 recap: The evolution of web security and hacking

In the pilot episode, Laura is joined by Detectify co-founder Johan Edholm. He co-founded the company back in 2013, and is still involved with the organization today by managing the technical infrastructure in the clouds. We don’t want to give away too much, but there are some things said that are just too good to not be highlighted and we’ve summarized of some of the conversation.

Undetected | E01 Johan Edholm - Evolution of hacking; Web Security to companies of all sizes.

Do you remember when you first connected to the Internet? Security nerds Laura and Johan go back to the Internet in the 90's, the evolution of hacking and the transformation of IT security into an industry where hackers are now allies to companies.

Guest blog: streaak - my recon techniques from 2019

Detectify Crowdsource hacker Akhil George, aka streaak, is a full-time student who chases bug bounties during his free time. His hacking interests started with CTF competitions and eventually shifted to bug bounties, gaining him recognition abroad including this report from NBC. Our Crowdsource guest blogs give readers an inside look into the mind of an ethical hacker, this month’s contribution goes on to discuss the recon techniques streaak used in 2019.


The 7 Stages of the Client-Side Hacking Lifecycle

The threat of your customers being attacked directly on the client-side is more real today than ever before. Magecart are knocking on everybody’s door – you, your 3rd parties, and even their 4th parties. This is happening continuously, with Magecart looking for opportunities to steal your valuable data for sale on the dark web. It’s a complex and ever-changing problem. So what stage are you at in the customer hacking lifecycle?