Putting ITIL 4 Into Practice With SolarWinds Service Desk - SolarWinds Lab Episode #87

ITIL 4 certifications demonstrate a thorough understanding of how to deliver value to the modern organization through services. Matching that understanding with the capabilities of your ITSM solution is a powerful combination. Join ITIL 4 Managing Professional Sean Sebring and ITSM Senior Sales Engineer Liz Beavers for a crash course on applying the seven guiding principles of ITIL 4 and how they tie into using the SolarWinds Service Desk platform. Whether you’re a certified ITIL pro or a new help desk technician hoping to work more efficiently, learn five ways to deliver better service to your organization.

Everything you need to know about ITIL4

ITIL 4 is the first significant update to the leading IT service management(ITSM) and digital service management framework since 2011. Drawing on extensive input from industry experts around the globe—including content writers, reviewers, and contributors—ITIL 4 includes practical guidance on how to tailor your IT management strategy in an increasingly complex business environment.

7 ITIL 4 tips for service professionals by the ITIL 4 co-author | ITIL 4 overview, benefits & more

Presented by Barclay Rae, ITIL 4 co-author and a well-known ITSM consultant, this webinar focuses on the practical application of ITIL 4, using value streams, and the various areas of professionalism that are now included as part of the ITIL 4 portfolio.

Why I don't hate ITIL (aka ITIL in a DevOps World)

When I read Greg Ferro’s infamous “Why I hate ITIL so much” blog back in 2015, I have to admit that I agreed with many (albeit not all) of what he said. Maybe it’s the issues that I have with authority in general, or maybe it’s my many years of working within the constraints of ITIL and ITSM in operating systems and services – but I truly believed (and still do) that well-educated, experience and consensus-based pragmatism is what actually gets things done.


Create Value With ITIL 4: How to Move From the Linear Lifecycle Mentality to a Value-Based Approach

ITIL 4 has the potential to launch a massive shift in the evolution of IT service management. We're used to thinking in terms of a "service lifecycle", but ITIL 4 introduces a service value chain—where activities that create value can be started at any point, by anyone. Let our experts help you sort through the chaos of this intellectual shift.