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Universal Profiling: Detecting CO2 and energy efficiency

A while ago, we posted a blog that detailed how we imported over 4 billion chess games with speed using Python and optimized the code leveraging our Universal ProfilingTM. This was based on Elastic Stack running on version 8.9. We are now on 8.12, and it is time to do a second part that shows how easy it is to observe compiled languages and how Elastic®’s Universal Profiling can help you determine the benefit of a rewrite, both from a cost and environmental friendliness angle.

How to do continuous profiling right with Grafana Pyroscope's Ryan Perry (Grafana Office Hours #26)

Ryan Perry, co-founder of Grafana Pyroscope, talks to us about how to do continuous profiling right. Ryan is also an Engineering Director at Grafana Labs, and he discusses the main concerns in continuous profiling and how to avoid those pitfalls. Pyroscope is an open-source project for aggregating continuous profiling data about your system's resources. He is joined by Developer Advocates Nicole van der Hoeven and Paul Balogh.

Browser Profiling Learnings from Sentry.io

Since enabling browser profiling on our Sentry.io dashboard a month ago, we have collected over 2M profiles and learned a lot about how our users experience our dashboard. The profiles collected gave us insight into how our dashboard performs in production and surfaced some issues causing UI jank. In this post, we will look at an example of an issue we discovered using Profiling.

Get started with continuous profiling: Grafana Cloud Profiles

Watch a step-by-step demo of how to get started with Grafana Cloud Profiles, the hosted continuous profiling tool that gives you a cost-efficient way to better understand the resource usage of code. Plus, get tips on how to best leverage continuous profiling for better visibility into your observability stack.

An Introduction to Profiling in Node.js

CPU-bound tasks can grind your Node.js applications to a standstill, frustrating users and driving them away. You must master the art of profiling your application to pinpoint bottlenecks, and implement effective strategies to resolve any issues. In this guide, we'll explore various techniques to help you identify and fix the root causes of your Node.js performance issues. Let's get started!

Continuous profiling: The key to more efficient and cost-effective applications

Recently, Elastic Universal ProfilingTM became generally available. It is the part of our Observability solution that allows users to do whole system, continuous profiling in production environments. If you're not familiar with continuous profiling, you are probably wondering what Universal Profiling is and why you should care. That's what we will address in this post.

Understanding Request Latency with Profiling

It can be hard to figure out why response times are high in Java applications. In my experience, when engineers investigate this type of issue, they typically use one of two methods: They either apply a process of elimination to find a recent commit that might have caused the problem, or they use profiles of the system to look for the cause of value changes in relevant metrics.