ML and AI enabled IT Ops: the NOC as a modern cockpit

A common sentiment among our prospects after they see our demo for the first time is: “That’s it? It can’t be that simple!”. The truth is – yes it can be, and it should be. ML and AI should make IT Ops simpler, and a big part of that is usability. If your ML & AI powered IT Ops tools take months to set up and weeks to learn, and then don’t provide a substantially improved user experience, you’re obviously using the wrong tools.


Best-of-breed or Monolith: what does your IT Ops tool stack need?

As a Product Manager at BigPanda, I like to stay in touch with our customers on a regular basis. Recently, I visited a customer of ours in Atlanta. As I was getting got out of my rental car in the company’s parking lot, I noticed him pulling in into his small parking space in a very large pickup truck. “Those are some big wheels”, I commented. “With all the traffic problems in Atlanta, why aren’t you driving something smaller or using a scooter-sharing service like some of your other employees?”


How Workday is using BigPanda to increase availability SLA

It’s always great to get a shout-out from a customer, so I was thrilled to read a post on “Medium” written by our friends at Workday that talks about BigPanda! In the post, Owen Sullivan, Software Development Manager at Workday, discusses how Workday raised their availability SLA from an already industry-leading 99.5% to 99.7%, and how one of the key drivers they see for delivering on this promise is efficient monitoring.

IT Ops reporting is broken BigPanda Unified Analytics can help

Your IT Ops execs and your service owners want reports that show easy-to-understand reports on: Application and service uptime and performance, IT Ops and NOC team performance & Incidents by source, severity and other parameters. To do this, your IT Ops team is probably wasting precious hours every week, wrangling with spreadsheets and general-purpose reporting tools are hard to use and update. BigPanda Unified Analytics can change all of that. ..hours that your IT Ops team doesn’t have!