How to Gain Visibility into the End-to-End User Experience on Citrix and Document KPIs

Learn how Goliath can help you better report on the end-user experience for your workforce using Citrix with end-user experience reports tracking logon speeds and other key performance indicators, worker productivity and activity reports, and overall IT system performance tracking resource utilization on hosts, VMs, and storage.

How to Troubleshoot Common Performance Issues with Citrix and VMware Horizon

Learn how Goliath can help you quickly troubleshoot and resolve common Citrix or VMware Horizon performance issues end-users face in the office and at home like session slowness, logon failures, disconnects, and more.

Bringing Cloud Load Balancer On-Prem with Rancher

The public cloud offers great scalability and flexibility for customers and is a model where service providers make many decisions on their behalf. For example, in cloud service providers like Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Amazon Web Service (AWS) or Microsoft Azure, a cloud load balancer is spun up on demand. The load balancer gets an IP address automatically and your application is ready to be served.

Does Deploying Citrix in the Cloud Make Performance Monitoring Easier?

The technology of cloud computing has caught up with virtual desktop infrastructures. Tapping into the agility and flexibility of cloud-hosted infrastructures, Citrix Cloud enables organizations to simplify digital workspace delivery. With many of the critical components of the Citrix delivery infrastructure hosted in the cloud and managed by Citrix, organizations can speed up deployment, lower hardware footprint, increase ROI, simplify IT operations. Despite the many benefits of Citrix Cloud, the performance management challenges still persist, just as they do in traditional on-premises Citrix deployments.
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VNC Systems Partners with Goliath Technologies to Fulfill their Clients' Need for Citrix or VMware Horizon Expertise with Technology

Goliath Offers End-User Experience Monitoring and Troubleshooting Software, with Embedded Intelligence and Automation Philadelphia, PA – June 4, 2020 – Goliath Technologies, a leader in end-user experience monitoring and troubleshooting software, announced today a new partnership with Virtual Network Cyber Systems, Inc. (VNC Systems) to anticipate, troubleshoot, and document its customers’ end-user experiences regardless of where workloads, applications, or users are located.

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Maimonides Medical Center Quickly Troubleshoots "Citrix is Slow" Complaints

“Maimonides Medical Center is a non-profit hospital located in Brooklyn, N.Y. When COVID-19 hit, many on their team were instructed to work from home. Vitaly Petrovsky, Manager of Enterprise Applications, realized that with an increase in remote workers, he needed a solution that would more effectively monitor and troubleshoot their Citrix infrastructure, which was delivering medical staff access to clinical and other applications.

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Citrix Admins can now track Citrix Connection Quality without Needing any Client Software

Citrix technologies are often used by remote employees or collaborators to access corporate applications and desktops. Citrix access is session oriented – a session is established at logon time and a connection between the client and the server/desktop being accessed is maintained for the duration of the session. User access to Citrix apps and desktops is highly interactive – mouse clicks, keystrokes, etc. all have to go from the client to the server/desktop to be processed.