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8 Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Policies You Should Consider Tweaking

You have just deployed a new Virtual Apps and Desktops Site for your customer. You thought about what policies should apply in the environment, however you can’t possibly know them all. So, what you will want to do is to before deploying anything to end-users is shift through all the Citrix Policies on offer and configure them appropriately based on business needs and end-user requirements. There are many policies available. Luckily, you will likely not need to touch 80% of them.

How to Troubleshoot Poor Session Performance within your Citrix or VMware Horizon Environments

When end-user experience is plagued by poor performing Citrix or VMware Horizon environments IT needs to move fast to resolve. Or better yet, head off the issue before it ever becomes a problem for end-users. But how? Hint: you need end-to-end visibility for faster troubleshooting.

Virtualization Monitoring with OpsRamp

Hypervisor-based server virtualization is widely used in hybrid IT environments for better infrastructure utilization, improved disaster recovery, and considerable cost savings. Given the complexities involved in managing virtualized environments, IT teams need the right insights for virtual resource monitoring so that they can address performance issues quickly.

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Top 3 Ways to Identify Root Cause of Poor Performance Issues in Your Citrix or VMware Horizon Deployment

Enterprise troubleshooting is not an easy task with many enterprises. Administrators are typically left maintaining many different solutions, attempting to evaluate root cause manually, or are left with solutions that do not give broad visibility into all aspects of the deployed Citrix or VMware Horizon deployment. This can leave systems down for longer than necessary and can leave administrators in a tough spot. We covered some of these pain points previously and can be found here.

3 Tips on How to Use Automation to Anticipate and Troubleshoot Slow VDI Logons with XenAppBlog

Citrix CTP, Trond Eirik Haavarstein, and Goliath show how to shift IT from reactive to proactive through embedded intelligence and automation to anticipate and troubleshoot slow logon times before an end-user notices an issue exists!
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When Citrix Director Isn't Meeting Your Needs

Struggling to find permanent resolutions to your end-user performance issues that continue to pile up? Do you not have enough visibility into the root cause of these issues to prevent them in the future? If you are like many of Goliath’s customers, you know Citrix Director isn’t giving you the full visibility you need to resolve your Citrix virtual workspace issues; but management doesn’t seem to understand why Citrix Director isn’t the end all be all answer.

How to Anticipate Citrix End-User Performance Issues with Embedded Intelligence and Automation

Learn how to capture true end-to-end visibility into the health of your complete Citrix infrastructure showing automatically all the dependencies of the underlying elements that can impact end-user performance.

End-to-End Performance Monitoring for Citrix Cloud

It’s no secret that Citrix Cloud adoption is growing. As more organizations embark on their Citrix Cloud journey, it’s important to consider a well-thought-out performance strategy. Given the hybrid nature of Citrix Cloud deployments, it is challenging to detect performance bottlenecks. Relying on built-in Citrix tools is not sufficient to troubleshoot performance issues.