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Achieving AI development at scale ft. Luis Ceze of OctoAI

In this episode, Rob is joined by Luis Ceze, CEO of OctoAI and a distinguished professor of computer science at the University of Washington. Together, they unpack the surge of interest in AI, attributing it to the convergence of factors like the unprecedented availability of data thanks to the internet boom and the accessibility of powerful computing resources.

How to run your Playwright end-to-end tests in SloMo

Sometimes you want to follow along your Playwright tests without starting a full debugging session. Learn in this video how to slow down your Playwright end-to-end tests, to see and watch exactly what's happening in your testing scripts. Use the "slowMo" launch option configuration to add delays inbetween all Playwright actions. More cool Playwright and Synthetic Monitoring tips coming your way soon!

How to find and test critical dependencies with Gremlin

Part of the Gremlin Office Hours series: A monthly deep dive with Gremlin experts. Pop quiz—what are all of the dependencies your services rely on? If you’re like most engineers, you probably struggled to come up with the answer. Modern applications are complex and rely on dozens (if not hundreds) of dependencies. Many teams rely on spreadsheets, but manual processes like these break down over time. What if you had a tool that found and tracked dependencies for you?