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User Stories: ChatOps Demo (feat. Sococo, Lita, and Rundeck)

Rundeck began in 2010 as an open source project created by founders Damon Edwards, Alex Honor, and Greg Shueler. The Rundeck software platform was built to let operations run more efficiently, scale faster, and maintain security. We call it Self-Service operations and it’s transforming the way Operations runs at organizations of all sizes across every industry. Learn more about Rundeck here:

Automated App Discovery - CloudHedge Discover

Using Application X-Ray, CloudHedge's Discovery tool automatically discovers Windows IIS and Linux applications within minutes instead of days or weeks. Post discovery process, the tool showcases all the relationships and dependencies between services, processes, and hosts which are necessary for containerization on a user-friendly dashboard. CloudHedge’s Discover tool supports enterprise Windows and Linux operating systems right from Windows 2003, Java, .Net, PHP, Python, JBoss, TomCat type of applications.

How To Extend Firewalls to Kubernetes to Stop Breaking Existing Security Architectures

Security teams use firewalls to secure their production environments, often using a zone-based architecture, and Kubernetes does not deploy well to that architecture. Application teams are launching new business-critical applications on Kubernetes and are aggressively moving to production. A clash is bound to happen.

Meeting PCI DSS Network Security Requirements in Kubernetes Environments

Compliance standards such as PCI DSS have assumed that traditional characteristics and behaviors of the development and delivery model would continue to be constant going forward. With the Container/Kubernetes revolution, that set of assumptions is no longer entirely correct. Attend this webinar and learn about what’s changed, how those changes weaken your compliance and control environment, and what you can do to adjust to the new reality.