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Understanding application performance monitoring

Applications drive user engagement, support internal operations, and facilitate revenue generation for modern businesses—so much so, that it could be called a fundamental element of an organization. Application performance monitoring ensures these applications function optimally and reliably. It provides insights for proactive problem identification and prevention to minimize downtime and ensure a smooth user experience.

New Relic vs DataDog - Features, Pricing, and Performance Compared

New Relic vs DataDog: Both tools are popular for application and infrastructure monitoring, offering a wide range of features. This post compares New Relic and DataDog on key aspects like APM, log management, infrastructure monitoring, and OpenTelemetry support. Info I instrumented a sample Spring Boot Application and sent data to Datadog and New Relic to evaluate my experience. Some takeaways are subjective and based on personal preference.

Introducing Raygun AI Error Resolution for Aspire

Last month, we rolled out Raygun4Aspire, our Crash Reporting client for.NET Aspire applications. That release included a free, lightweight version of the full Raygun web app that runs locally. After the successful launch of our recent AI Error Resolution feature for Crash Reporting, we knew that we had to bring this feature into the Aspire local development experience. Today, we’re thrilled to announce that AI Error Resolution for Raygun4Aspire is now available for all Aspire app developers!

How eG Enterprise helps MSPs offering digital workspaces, add value-added services

In a fiercely competitive market, against a background of vendor licensing cost changes that are impacting profit margins, many MSPs offering digital workspaces are modernizing to remain relevant and futureproof. Many managed service providers have historically focused mostly on uptime/downtime, resource monitoring and so on. Automation tools are reducing the value of conventional managed services.

API update: Sessions, pages and Customers

Today, we’re excited to roll out 6 new endpoints for the Raygun API, making it simpler than ever to query Sessions, Pages, and Customers. Raygun’s Real User Monitoring helps you track and enhance your front-end and mobile page speed performance. It analyzes user sessions and page views to calculate your overall page speed. Previously, this required someone to log into Raygun, find the right application, and manually inspect sessions and page views in Real User Monitoring.

6 Tips to Integrate Container Orchestration and APM Tools

Application performance monitoring (APM) setup and strategies vary based on the application’s infrastructure design. Containers managed by orchestration tools like Docker Swarm or Kubernetes are dynamic and ephemeral, significantly affecting monitoring strategies. Container development speeds up an organization’s ability to build, deploy and scale new features.

etcd in Kubernetes: What is it and Why is it Important?

A Comprehensive Guide for SREs Build Foundational Knowledge on How etcd fits into the Kubernetes Ecosystem etcd is the single source-of-truth data store for the Kubernetes cluster. As a Key-Value store with advanced features, etcd stores mission-critical Kubernetes data: configuration data, the cluster state and metadata. This information is key for the Kubernetes cluster to scale and self-heal. If etcd malfunctions, it can cause failures on the Kubernetes cluster.

What is Application Performance Monitoring (APM)?

As modern applications and IT infrastructures become increasingly complex, the need for effective monitoring and management tools has never been more critical. Application Performance Monitoring (APM) is a comprehensive approach that provides visibility into application performance, availability, and user experience. APM is an important tool for platform engineers and developers who are tasked with ensuring that applications run smoothly and efficiently and meet end-user needs.
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AI engineering for AI Error Resolution

Smart engineering teams are working out how to use Large Language Models (LLMs) to solve real business problems. At Raygun, we're no exception, and we're committing our time and effort to developing AI software applications that bring value to our customers. Our first AI-powered release is AI Error Resolution (AIER), a novel Crash Reporting feature that takes debugging with ChatGPT to the next level. We know that LLMs have already dramatically increased software engineers' productivity.