The dark art of prioritization and more: Tech leaders weigh in on software quality

Every software professional in a leadership role is concerned about the caliber of software that gets into the hands of customers. Questions like, is the new app slow to load? Is it working as it should? Why has churn increased? Are natural consequences of building software, yet we don’t always get the answers we need.


.NET Debugging: 6 techniques you need in your arsenal

Debugging. It’s one of the most time-consuming ways of finding a bug. As a senior .NET developer, I can tell you that it’s best to avoid the necessity for debugging altogether by writing clean code that’s covered by automated tests. If you’re a senior developer yourself, you probably already know this. And if you’re a junior developer, now you know it too! However, the world isn’t binary.


Solving complex performance problems in .NET Core [Webinar]

“It’s very much clear that .NET Core is the way going forward. Certainly new features and very much performance rated features seem to be only going in one direction. So, there’s this added incentive to move over.” - Matt Warren, performance expert at Raygun. Today, our host Andre talks to Matt Warren, .NET (C#) Developer at Raygun and Microsoft MVP.


Building better software with automated monitoring and alerting

This is a guest article by Dan Holloran from VictorOps – an on-call alerting and incident response tool recently acquired by Splunk. They are experts in incident management. In software development and IT operations, we tend to focus a lot of our time on the delivery and deployment pipeline. But, what happens after you deploy new services? How are you responding to incidents in production and identifying reliability concerns?

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The 7 best Real User Monitoring tools for 2019

As applications become more complex, a single JavaScript error can really make a difference to your bottom line. The average Fortune 1000 company, after all, spends upwards of $2.5 billion each year on unplanned application downtime. When an app doesn’t work like it’s supposed to, it doesn’t exactly inspire users to continue fidgeting with it.

Useful tools to manage your application's secrets

When you build and deploy an application, chances are that you need to store some form of secrets. These are typically things like credentials for 3rd party systems and database credentials. As an ASP.NET Core developer, Microsoft provides you with an easy way to store secrets like these in your development environment, namely the Secret Manager.


The 8 CI/CD tools you need to know about in 2019

In 2019, one part of a successful development team is having a solid CI/CD pipeline. Now, every pipeline will have a unique set of outcomes and needs—which means that you’ll need a strong set of tools to help you accomplish your goals. This blog post will help identify some of the tools out there that can help you make your pipeline great. These tools range from the familiar Jenkins and its newer predecessor Jenkins X to security tools like Twistlock.