AppDynamics Micro Demo: Deep Code Insights

This demo shows how DCI enhances AppDynamics visibility to further reduce the time between issue identification and issue resolution. By extending AppDynamics’ existing code-level diagnostics, DCI provides a real-time, “read-only” view of the application so that you can collect critical debugging data to diagnose complex code issues without having to reproduce issues in development or test.

AppDynamics Micro Demo: Cloud Migration

Check out how AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform provides real-time, automatic insight into application issues, resource dependencies and migration success, helping enterprises migrate confidently to the cloud. I.T Ops leaders and their teams use AppDynamics to detect end-user experience issues automatically, derisk migration with dependency visibility and report migration success immediately. Unlike other solutions, machine-learning means that important business and technical metrics are known, while Business iQ shows migration benefits immediately.