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How to Evaluate your Customer Support Efforts

It’s happened to everyone—you purchase a new product you’ve wanted for a long time. But despite your excitement to use it, you realize, to great irritation, that you don’t really understand how to use it. These days, customers have an abundance of options any time they want to make a purchase. If something is too hard to use, returning it or canceling the subscription is just a few clicks away. Closing a deal does not mean your customer will stay.


6 contact tracing best practices-and how technology can help

According to a recent NPR survey of state health departments, the national coronavirus contact tracing workforce tripled in just six weeks, jumping from 11,142 workers to 37,110—and public health researchers say it needs to grow even more. Recent surges in cases underscore the importance of reopening countries, states, schools, and businesses carefully and as safely as possible—when the time is right.


Part 1: The Difference Between Customer Sentiment Analysis and Customer Distress Index and Why You Should Pay Attention

B2B customer support has become more complex than ever…in a good way. By utilizing the many tools available—and more technologically advanced than ever—B2B companies are able to gauge how their customers are feeling and how satisfied, or not, that they actually are. Managing B2B customer support relationships is very different than managing individual consumers (B2C).


Part 2: The Difference Between Customer Sentiment Analysis and Customer Distress Index and Why You Should Pay Attention

Part 1 of this blog series explored the meanings of and differences between customer sentiment analysis and Customer Distress Index (CDI™)—customer sentiment analysis uses text to indicate a positive or negative tone to the communication and the TeamSupport CDI uses data to indicate whether a customer may be satisfied or frustrated. But why should B2B customer support teams pay attention to customer sentiment and CDI?


6 Ways to Build a World-class Customer Service Team

Businesses need to get used to a world where pricing is no longer the major differentiator between businesses. Customer service and experience are now the most common factors that determine customer loyalty–because it’s what makes customers stay and show their trust with repeat purchases. So, it is imperative to build customer service teams with a structured approach–addressing all the nitty-gritty of running a successful support function that delights customers.

Workativ Assistant Webinar - Best practices for designing a conversational chatbot

With conversational AI on the rise, Workativ Assistant is a PaaS that’ll help you get the competitive edge when it comes to both conversational AI and process automation. In this webinar, we go over best practices to follow before designing a conversation/dialog flow for a chatbot on Workativ Assistant.

Implementing an effective change management process with ServiceDesk Plus Cloud

In the third session we will discuss the change management process, define the different types of changes possible, and how to implement them with minimum disruption to the organization. We will also discuss how a company moved their entire on-premises infrastructure to the cloud using ServiceDesk Plus, and how they were able to plan such a large scale change and effectively implement it. See the cloud version of ServiceDesk Plus in action, as we show how to use all the available features to plan and implement changes better.

The Complete Guide to Customer Feedback

Your company exists to provide products and services that fulfill your customers’ needs and provide things that they value. That may seem simple and intuitive, but how well do you really understand your customers? Are your products and services meeting their needs or are there areas for improvement? How do you compare to competitors in the marketplace? Are there issues that are frustrating customers and tarnishing their perception of you?