Setting up Zia, your service desk's conversational virtual IT support agent [Webinar]

The cloud version of ServiceDesk Plus now comes with your own virtual support agent, #Zia, who can be the first point of contact for your service desk. Zia helps perform simple service desk activities and fetch information, so end users don't have to rely on a technician. And with access to a conversational #virtual_support_agent, technicians in the field can now perform #servicedesk activities with simple hands-free voice commands. Learn more about Zia and her capabilities in this webinar.

Some small, often-requested features that you have been waiting for

We often get requests for small features that are not deal-breakers for our customers but would definitely make their lives easier. Individually they are not big enough to merit a blog post, but put them together and they make a lot of little differences. So every once in a while you will see a post that wraps up some of the smaller features of the last few releases. This update covers the latest release (out today!) and a few of the releases prior.


Aligning operational metrics with your customer service goals

Keeping an eye on your day-to-day customer service operations means measuring the right metrics—that is, knowing which ones are setting your business up for both immediate and long-term success. Whether your company’s customer service is used as a means to drive overall revenue or is focused on helping customers fully understand your products or services, the tracked metrics should pertain to specific strategies designed to achieve your company’s overall goals.