How to Send a Customer Service Satisfaction Survey with OneDesk

The best way to know how well your customer service team is doing is… to ask your customers. One common way to get customer feedback is to send a follow-up survey or poll after each customer service interaction. While OneDesk does not include surveys we provide you all you need to automate the sending of these follow-up inquiries.


7 ways to improve your agent capacity

In the world of customer service, there’s nothing more stressful than a rising ticket backlog and overworked, stressed out agents. If your agents are inundated with emails, calls, and inquiries––something needs to change. If your agents are constantly switching between channels and unable to communicate and collaborate in real time, there are serious consequences—think low CSAT, low ASAT, and a general lack of support efficiency. Below are 7 solutions to improve your agent capacity and operations.


The Power Of Partners; Because A Platform Alone Is Not Enough

As ServiceNow President and CEO John Donahoe has said, if all you have is ‘just’ a software platform, then that’s not enough to bring about digital transformation in real terms. For our customers now looking to take their businesses forward and reap the benefits of digital workflows, partners play an essential role in helping to re-engineer processes and ensure any given implementation is carried out in a high-quality manner.


11 Must Have Features in a Customer Support Software System

As we add more technology to our lives to meet our business needs, the customer support software system has become increasingly essential. It’s now much more than just a ticketing system! It’s evolved into a vital supply of customer data and information. As you evaluate your own customer-centric systems and processes, here are 11 must have features to look for in a customer support software system…


How a local Co-op uses OneDesk to manage maintenance at its retail locations

Cooperatives, also known as co-ops, are businesses owned by a group of people who are united in their needs and goals. Because co-ops are run by a committee, they often are focused on serving their local community. This sense of shared ownership ensures an eye is kept towards upkeep and safety in each of the retail locations. As with all work, this upkeep and maintenance needs to be logged, tracked, and managed.


Delivering on the promise of digital citizen services

65 per cent of civil servants think their existing IT infrastructure is partly to blame for holding back departments’ modernisation programmes. The head of the Government Digital Service (GDS) has warned that departments are guilty of prioritising policy requirements over infrastructure upgrades. The man on the street just wants seamless access to services at a fair cost to the taxpayer.


How to make your workflow flow

Providing great customer service is one of the best ways for a company to achieve success and ultimately, grow. But with that growth comes the challenge of maintaining it without sacrificing the very things that made you successful in the first place. And since having a bigger team doesn’t automatically mean you’ll perform better, companies that scale well learn to strategically organize their support team in a way that increases efficiency and reduces costs.