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AT Internet - Elevating Product Quality with Catchpoint

AT Internet, a digital analytics pioneer, helps companies measure and optimize the digital performance of their customers across all marketing channels. From data collection to in-depth analysis and the sharing of insights, AT Internet’s Analytics Suite Delta provides high-quality, GDPR-compliant data that optimizes decision-making company-wide.


Label Insight modernizes their data stack to deliver efficiencies across the organization

Label Insight is in the business of delivering data, so we have to make sure we’re doing so correctly and efficiently. Our specialty is analyzing the data associated with packaged food items sold via different retail channels, so we essentially operate at the nexus of consumers, retailers, and brands.

allegro AI

How Neural Guard Built its X-Ray & CT Scanning AI Production Pipeline - Customer Story

Neural Guard produces automated threat detection solutions powered by AI for the security screening market. With the expansion of global trends like urbanization, aviation, mass transportation, and global trade, the associated security and commercial challenges have become ever more crucial.


7 Wins That Helped IT Save its Work-From-Anywhere Program

I think I have been reading way too many “doom and gloom” articles this year about IT. For many companies, the switch to a prolonged work-from-anywhere (WFA) model has exposed serious cracks within their IT infrastructure. To be honest though, the cards have been stacked against IT for some time and 2020 was just the tipping point. Employees often resist new work technologies and there’s mounting evidence to prove that IT tends to overestimate how well their services are received.

Why Distrito moved from Slack to Rocket.Chat (and any startup community should do the same)

Supporting 250 startups from Brazil, Distrito is an innovation platform that helps startups to succeed and support the digital transformation of Enterprises. Their mission is to uplift startups through a Strong Innovation Ecosystem focused on Community, Leap, Venture, and Data Mining. In order to bond their ever-growing startup community and manage their team of 140 people, implementing a comprehensive communication tool was not only a necessity but also inevitable.


Case Study: Healthcare Provider Cuts their Paper-Pushing Time by 20% to Spend More Time with Patients

The world’s healthcare workers have taken center stage in 2020, due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The work they do to keep patients healthy is tough work — hallmarked by long shifts and lots of information to digest and record. Anyone in the healthcare space will attest to the fact that managing information sits at the center of their work. They need to access patient information, process insurance claims, record new patient information, among tons of other document-related work.


Webinar Highlights: How Texas Instruments Uses InfluxDB

It’s back to school season, and oftentimes, that means people are purchasing TI-84 calculators for their kids. But did you know that Texas Instruments makes so much more than calculators? 😁 Michael Hinkle, a Probe Engineering and Manufacturing Supervisor at Texas Instruments, recently presented on “How Texas Instruments Uses InfluxDB to Upload Product Standards and to Improve Efficiencies”.