Case Study

How Vonage Reduces Troubleshooting Time and Deploys Features 2x Faster with Epsagon

As microservices-based applications become more and more complex, the lack of end-to-end visibility can make it difficult to discover and solve issues quickly. Vonage, after modernizing their applications on the cloud, had a hard time detecting and troubleshooting problems in their new hybrid architecture. The company turned to Epsagon and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to gain full observability into their containers and serverless workloads. The results? Vonage saw an immediate 90% reduction in troubleshooting time and 50% faster time to market within their development teams.

Saving Development Resources & Delivering Value With Embedded Analytics: Lessons from SupporTrend's Customer Story

At SupporTrends, hearing and acting on customer feedback is the cornerstone of their mission, and we’re amazed to see how they use Looker to harness this feedback. Recently, Oliver Rowen, SupporTrends Founder, sat down with our team to share why he believes customer feedback is a critical — yet underutilized — resource.


Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service: Fighting cybersecurity fires with Splunk

Everyone at Splunk is very proud of the amazing things that our customers and partners do with their data. It is always extra special when one of those organisations is really doing good and looking after us all in our daily lives. I’m delighted to share one of those stories from the Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service (DFRS) who is using Splunk as its data-driven SIEM.


Locked Down But Not Locked Out: Business As Usual with Lawton Communications Group

It’s one thing to simulate your disaster recovery and business continuity response; it’s quite another to have to stress test your plan for real and at scale. Recently we chatted with Norman Cave-Browne-Cave, IT & Facilities Manager at Lawton Communications Group, the guy in the hot seat when the lockdown came. The task fell to Norman to maintain business as usual for his team in the UK, US and Australia. Here, he reflects on his experiences.


Greenlight and StackRox - The Fun of Being Mutual Customers

It’s always a great feeling to learn another customer win story, but it’s especially exciting when you’re a customer in return! That’s the fun I had talking with Greenlight to learn how the company relies on StackRox to protect its Kubernetes applications. Greenlight has a cool mission: teach kids about financial literacy, encouraging them to create a budget and helping them reach savings goals.


Customer Story: How Sentry Helps Grofers Meet Unprecedented Delivery Demand

As one of the leading grocery delivery services in India, Grofers needed to make massive fulfillment adjustments as demand rocketed due to an entire nation sheltering in place to help control the spread of infection during a global pandemic. For the Grofers team, providing much-needed grocery delivery service is as much of a technical challenge as a human resources one.


Itero: Scoro's Long-Time Implementation Partner in Latvia

Itero – a digital intelligence agency based in Riga, Latvia – is named after the latin word for organizing and standardizing processes. In that spirit, they offer business software implementation, graphic design, web development, and online marketing services that help their customers increase traffic, improve sales, and boost customer engagement.


Customer Story: Why Freshly Cooks with Sentry

On the surface, food delivery service seems straightforward. However, creating a food delivery startup is more like building a transportation and logistics company than pizza delivery. Coordinating web and mobile applications for seamless ordering, tracking, and delivery, all within razor-thin service windows, takes an unprecedented level of complexity (when you get it right). And once you begin to scale service, the technical challenges become even greater.


How uShip turned a Silo into a Development Success Story

In a galaxy far, far away, and not too long ago, I joined uShip as a DevOps Engineer where the scope of our team was to manage everything from the CI/CD pipeline of our monolith to all of the application configuration in dev and prod, all while maintaining the infrastructure of the supporting products (CDN, APM, logging, etc). I inherited a huge monolithic environment with no documentation, and everyone was operating on tribal knowledge. You’ve probably heard this story hundreds of times.


How ML6 used Grafana to deliver a 200% ROI for Accolade Wines

Did you know that Grafana pairs well with a fine wine? That’s what machine learning company ML6 discovered when they worked with their client Accolade Wines, an award-winning Australian vintner whose goal was to decrease the waste produced in its global operations. “Accolade Wines is really focused on being as efficient as possible,” says Rebecca Brooke, ML6’s team leader in the U.K. “They’re always looking at minimizing their environmental impact.”