PagerDuty: Your Journey To Real-Time Operations

In a world where people expect always-on, seamless digital experiences, it is essential that teams are empowered with the right tools and processes to work together and deliver in critical moments of truth. Our CEO, Jennifer Tejada, shares how PagerDuty acts as the central nervous system for the digital enterprise, helping connect teams to real-time opportunity and elevate work to the outcomes that matter.

PagerDuty Pulse May19

Catch up on all the exciting things we’ve released over the past several months. In this edition of PagerDuty Pulse, you’ll get a view into our Spring release, which helps teams across the enterprise effectively take action during the most critical moments with the power of data, intelligence, and automation at scale. We’re excited to release and share new enhancements across all of our products (Event Intelligence, Modern Incident Response, Analytics, Visibility), as well as to the core platform.

SLO, SLA, SLI Oh My! Creating them can be easy

Imagine you are driving a car on a freeway. Your speedometer is telling you you’re going 62 mph. But you “gotta go fast”. Faster than then 65 mph speed limit. So you go for it: first 68mph, then 75mph, then 80mph. Then you pass a police officer hiding in a speed trap. To your dismay, they pull you over and give you a ticket. All is not lost: there is a silver lining here. It’s the perfect analogy is to understand how indicators, objectives, and agreements all work with each other.


Single Pane or Single Pain of Glass?

A lot has been written about the ever-elusive “Single Pane of Glass” (or SPOG). From calling it a myth like BigFoot or The Loch Ness Monster , to reporting that “a centralized, service-centric view into IT environments has become a must-have capability for IT Operations” (2018 Digital Enterprise Journal Study), both opponents and proponents admit that the implementation of a centralized view into IT Ops is a real need, but at the same time, a major operational challenge.


Takeaways From ServiceNow’s Knowledge 2019

We had a great time in Las Vegas, attending ServiceNow’s Knowledge 2019 conference. We enjoyed everything the city has to offer, while also exploring the latest on IT workflow transformations. Though there are several valuable experiences to report on, I’ll cover just a few takeaways from Knowledge ‘19 and how it resonated with the OnPage team.


Who Will Win and Who Will Die: ‘Game of Throne’ Fans Use Data Analysis to Predict What Happens Next

In the era of Peak TV, there is probably no more emblematic version of worthy binge watching than “Game of Thrones”. At the cusp of the series’ eighth and final season, the internet is buzzing with some painstaking analysis – using algorithms, AI, and big data sets, to find hidden Easter eggs. The numbers capture the mind-boggling detail author George R. R. Martin weaved into his novels and how easy it is to get lost in a fictional world as intricate as our own.