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Best Communication Platform to Use in 2023

Effective communication is crucial in businesses. It helps manage relationships with staff, customers, and stakeholders. Without communication channels set in place, relationships can be ruined, which can lead to a loss of revenue and a tarnished reputation and brand. Fortunately, there are plenty of communication platforms available for businesses in 2023. These platforms don't only facilitate messaging, they also offer features for task management, project management, file sharing, team messaging, and more.

MSP Live Chat Making Customer Success Your Competition Killer

Your customers’ expectations and demands around IT are changing. Want to learn how you can better align your work with their evolving business goals and priorities? And ensure that you don’t just win new customers, but that you win them for life? Watch our MSP Live Chat with Lifecycle Insights CEO Marnie Stockman. Not only is she an expert in MSP customer success, she literally wrote the book on it.

15 Ways to Streamline and Improve Your Customer Support

‍Customer support drives long-term relationships that can be the primary source of profit for your business. However, a customer support process that is slow or does not make itself as accessible as it needs to be can drive customers away. As such, we're going to look at 15 ways to streamline and improve the whole process. The farther that the customer has to go to get the support that they need, the more expensive it becomes for you, and the slower your response will become.

6 myths about chat etiquette that are slowing you down

Chat can be every bit as annoying as email if you and your colleagues aren’t using it right. It’s ironic, really. The whole point of group chat is to be a fast, fun way to communicate. But based on the conventional wisdom around chat etiquette, you’d think sending a quick ping was as delicate as inviting the Queen to high tea.

7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs 24/7 Chat Support

The customer support department is an integral part of any organization. Startup business owner often handles it by themselves; however, medium to large-sized organizations establish separate workforce but in-house hiring or outsourcing to keep their customers happy. They use many proven tactics for user engagement and are still seeking the way to bridge the gap.