Setting up Zia, your service desk's conversational virtual IT support agent [Webinar]

The cloud version of ServiceDesk Plus now comes with your own virtual support agent, #Zia, who can be the first point of contact for your service desk. Zia helps perform simple service desk activities and fetch information, so end users don't have to rely on a technician. And with access to a conversational #virtual_support_agent, technicians in the field can now perform #servicedesk activities with simple hands-free voice commands. Learn more about Zia and her capabilities in this webinar.

Everything I learned about leadership when I went from developer to product lead

In the last few posts, I’ve talked a lot about managing people and process. But a lot of the things I’ve learned are about the team lead role itself: things like how to find a balance between representing your team and representing your higher-ups, what to expect day-to-day — and why there’s no one right answer to any of this.


Some small, often-requested features that you have been waiting for

We often get requests for small features that are not deal-breakers for our customers but would definitely make their lives easier. Individually they are not big enough to merit a blog post, but put them together and they make a lot of little differences. So every once in a while you will see a post that wraps up some of the smaller features of the last few releases. This update covers the latest release (out today!) and a few of the releases prior.


3 Reasons Businesses Prefer G Suite for Collaboration

Collaboration is the lifeblood of business. It is how we facilitate information flow between individuals and teams, it has a direct impact on productivity, and at the end of the day, it dictates the success of businesses as a whole. In the modern day business environment we have all become hyper-focused on speed, i.e. how do we get our work done as quickly as possible?

Building an AI-powered IT infrastructure

From an enterprise IT perspective, AI continues to prove its worth, as it makes an IT admin's life easier by automating help desk operations and providing real-time insights about potential security incidents, offering conversational assistance for efficient management of help desk requests, and providing preemptive solutions to customers’ problems using predictive analysis.