The Importance of Combining Your Learning Management System and Customer Support Software

Many businesses are looking for new ways to improve and strengthen their own customer relationships. They’ve hired a great team of account managers, have incredibly knowledgeable support agents, and have provided them with the technology needed to succeed. However, even with a group full of all-stars, getting new employees up to that same level quickly can be a challenge as a company grows.

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How to Get Started on a Remote Business with No Investment

Pretty much everyone dreams of becoming their own boss at one point or another. Considering how much business is done online these days, there’s no reason that you can’t finally achieve this dream even if you don’t have any outside money coming in. There’s a good chance that you can build a remote business without any existing income.


How Asana Uses Asana: Boosting personal productivity

You might think that after using Asana all day long at work, we revel in the opportunity to unplug from the platform during our free time. But Asana doesn’t just help us manage our work at the office, many of us use it for our own personal projects, errands, and goals too. Check out how seven Asanas are realizing major efficiency and happiness gains by using Asana for everything from marathon training to planning a family vacation.


Exciting news about ServiceDesk Plus' IT asset management module

We’re delighted to announce that ServiceDesk Plus, our flagship IT service management (ITSM) solution, received PinkVERIFY 2011 certification for its IT asset management (ITAM) processes. This adds to ServiceDesk Plus’ existing PinkVERIFY certifications for its incident management, request fulfillment, and change management processes.


Be Competitive At Work (You'll Be A Better Team Player)

It all started innocently enough. I was chatting with a fellow freelance writer about growing her portfolio and client base. After more friendly conversation, she asked if I’d be willing to make an introduction to an editor I regularly work with. My stomach dropped into my shoes. Of course, I wanted to offer support and help her out—I’m not a total monster.

SolarWinds Lab Episode #78: Migrating From Ticketing to Full Service

While it would probably be impossible to manage your business's technology or keep users happy without a help desk, there’s a limitation. You’re still interrupt-driven, reacting to a pile of problems and an endless stream of mundane tasks. In an ideal world, you users would self-manage, so you can be more proactive, and focus on the big issues that your business actually cares about. That’s where Service Desk comes in.

Upgrade your Suite: Introducing Suite Ready partners

Most companies understand the importance of implementing omnichannel support—however, despite efforts to provide customers with a seamless experience, 85% of organizations still have fragmented channels. This is especially problematic for businesses since a cultural shift is underway, driven by millennials who have little desire to get support over the phone, instead preferring text or messaging channels.