Veteran CISO Tammy Moskites on Budgets, Incident Spikes and the "Best BC/DR Experience of Our Lives" (Video)

Before COVID-19 arrived, Tammy Moksites was a road warrior, hand-shaker and self-professed big hugger. So while she misses how life was before a worldwide pandemic exploded on the scene, the former corporate CISO for Home Depot, Time Warner Cable and Venafi (and now founder of strategic advisory firm CyAlliance) views this period as an opportunity for cybersecurity professionals, albeit one rife with new risks and challenges.


How to Take Command During a Security Crisis (+Video)

A successful response to a cybersecurity crisis scenario requires having a central integration hub where incidents are managed by security operations teams. This integrated crisis management capability is a must-have for when alerts are necessary to escalate to a cross-organizational response. Sure, you can train for these situations with tabletop exercises or well-baked proactive incident response strategies, but like any crisis, nothing is like the real thing.


The Pain Remains: What the 2020 Devo SOC Performance Report Tells Us

Today we published the 2020 Devo SOC Performance ReportTM. The subtitle, A Tale of Two SOCs, underscores that there are two types of security operation centers (SOC): those that are performing reasonably well and those that are struggling. As someone who has worked in cybersecurity for more than 20 years, I find the results of our second annual SOC report informative, instructive, and also extremely irritating.


Managed security operations center (SOC) explained

Managed SOC, also known as SOC as a Service, is a subscription-based offering whereby organizations outsource threat detection and incident response. Based on the concept of turning an internal security operations center (SOC) into an external cloud-based service, a managed SOC offers IT organizations external cybersecurity experts that monitor your logs, devices, cloud environments, and network for known and evolving advanced threats.


Orchestration and Automation Helps Defense, Intelligence Personnel Tackle Higher-Level Tasks

What if you could get your hands on a force multiplier that got rid of the repetitive, routine work that was tying down your team, got more productivity out of your assembled work force, and gave everyone a more challenging, meaningful to-do list that made better use of their knowledge, experience, and passion?