4 Straightforward Things Every SOC Should be Doing to Counter Phishing

A recent study found that 83 percent of global organizations experienced phishing attacks in 2018. And yet, as high as that number is, it feels low. End-users continually struggle to identify deceptive emails, and sinister senders are invariably modifying their bait to be even better at appearing legitimate and evading defense mechanisms. This all adds up to phishing being as optimal of a cybecrime tool as ever. So, where does that leave the security operations professional?


All the Ways to Combine Symantec and Siemplify to Drive Security Operations (Video)

Effective orchestration and automation can drive security teams’ productivity through the roof. From automating time-consuming, mundane manual tasks to executing flawless automated response actions, properly tuned and configured security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) solutions can take a team struggling to keep pace with attacks into a high-performance case-closing machine that is finally able to gain an advantage over the attackers.

How SOAR Can Help Manage an Internal Crisis Across the Business

Security operations centers work as effectively and efficiently as possible in all conditions. Given this goal, it made perfect sense for us to attack this problem head on by developing a new feature in the Siemplify Security Operations Platform with our integrated crisis management “war room.”

How to Get the Most out of Malware Investigations With SOAR (Video)

Every day, more than 350,000 malicious and unwanted programs emerge, or roughly one for every person living in Honolulu. Add them up and, so far in 2019, the number of these potentially harmful files is approaching one billion, a staggering figure. With so much malicious code appearing daily, it is no wonder that malware-focused investigations consume a large amount of available SOC resources. Part of the reason these probes are so exhaustive is because they require many manual steps.


Key Takeaways from the Gartner 2019 Market Guide for SOAR

Last week marked another major milestone for the security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) market: Gartner issued its first-ever Market Guide for SOAR. This extensive research provides an excellent analysis of the current and future state of the SOAR space, as well as practical recommendations on how security and risk professionals should approach SOAR.


5 Ways to Relieve Burnout in the Security Operations Center

Amid all the dismal headlines that have become routine reading for security professionals (such as this study, which referenced cybercrime as one of the greatest challenges to humanity in the coming decades), one positive development has emerged: the increasing comfort among infosec practitioners to discuss how they’re feeling about their jobs.

The Road to Security Operations Maturity: A Cyentia Institute Research Report

No business is immune from digital attacks, making the ability to detect and respond to cyber incidents more important than ever. And that’s where security operations come in to play. Because they are built around monitoring, analysis and triage, SecOps have become the centerpiece of an organization’s security program.

Using Deception and Automation to Reduce Attacker Dwell Time

In the treatise, “The Prince,” Niccolo Machiavelli, a 16th-century political theorist, muses about using deception to gain advantage over political opponents with the following: “Everyone admits how praiseworthy it is in a prince to keep his word, and to behave with integrity rather than cunning.