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Vetcor Consolidates IT Stack with NinjaOne to Manage 15,000 Endpoints

Vetcor is a collaborative network of over 850 veterinary practices across the US and Canada. Vetcor unlocks maximum efficiency by bringing endpoint management, patch management, backup, remote support, Bitdefender and SentinelOne all into a single pane of glass with NinjaOne.

Maximizing Cloud SQL database availability

How does Cloud SQL achieve near-zero downtime? Join Debi Cabrera as she interviews Product Manager, Rahul Deshmukh. Rahul discusses the various capabilities of Cloud SQL and the best practices to maximize business continuity for applications. Watch along and hear firsthand from the session speaker about configuring and monitoring Cloud SQL for maximum availability.

How SumUp benefitted from using incident.io

In this clip, Adrian explains how SumUp benefitted from using the incident.io platform. More about this episode: Today, good incident communication isn't a nice to have—it's an absolute must. But where do you even start? To help answer that question, we sat down with the VP of Engineering at SumUp, ⁠Adrián Moreno Peña⁠, to get his perspective on how organizations of all sizes can share stellar comms no matter the situation.

Why Splunk for observability?

How can Splunk bring ITOps- and engineering teams together so that they can deliver exceptional customer experiences? Splunk Observability can help enterprises and organisations solve problems within seconds. It's the only full-stack, analytics-powered and OpenTelemetry-native observability solution. Hear Robbie Baines, Observability Advisor at Splunk tell us more in this video.

Swift: Transforming product instrumentation with Elastic Observability

As the leading global provider of secure financial transactions and payments, it's vital for SWIFT to stay relevant. With more than 45 million messages flowing through its systems every day and being at the heart of the financial industry, SWIFT is at the forefront of secure, frictionless financial services including sanctions screenings, compliance analytics, KYC (Know Your Customer) registry, and payment controls.

Expanding the AWS partnership Amazon Timestream for InfluxDB

InfluxData CEO, Evan Kaplan, discusses the company's expanded partnership with AWS. Open source InfluxDB is now available as a managed service on AWS. Discover what this means for InfluxDB and AWS users, and what additional offerings are in the works to help uers improve their Time to Awesome.

Broadcaster TV2 Norway Boosts Developer Productivity with Aiven Platform

Watch how TV2 Norway, the largest commercial TV station in Norway, partnered with Aiven to enhance its development environment, lower risks, and gain control over costs. From Aiven for Apache Kafka® to Aiven for PostgreSQL®, see how TV2 streamlined its data infrastructure and empowered teams to focus on innovation. Join us on this journey of transformation in the media and entertainment industry! Discover how TV2 revolutionized its data environment with Aiven across clouds.